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Could it be you have bad breath but don't realise it, or maybe he has bad breath and feels embarressed. Maybe just asking him would be a good idea, it could be something really silly, or it could be something more. Good luck.

AnswerIve asked him 5 times.. first time he says he does still kiss me, but i don't mean the quick pecks on the cheek that are also given reluctanctly.. second, he said he will think about it. and the others he changes the subject.. its really driving me mad.. To me kissing is important in a marriage and we used to do it a lot.. all of a sudden it just stops. He knows I want them back and that I love his kisses.. grrrr Im getting paranoid thoughts over it too.
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Q: Why would your husband stop kissing passionately all of a sudden when the sex is still good and strong?
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