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It could very well be an alternator/battery/charging system issue, bit it could be other things as well. Start by checking the conditions of your battery cables, the wiring running from the positive battery cable to the starter (make sure it is tight at both ends and in good condition) Check the primary out put wire from the alternator to the starter and make sure it doesn't show signs of overhearting. The wire is the large red or orange wire coming from a single terminal on the back of the alternator. Other causes could be a loose or defective connector on the back of the instrument cluster. Check the connectors and grounds to make sure they are in good condition, clean and tight. The problem could be the instrument panel itself. If it is, when you replace it your will have to do a learn procedure before the engine will start. To do this, you need to turn the key to the run postition and let the car sit until the "Anti-theft" light on the instrument panel stops blinking. Then turn the key off and the engine should start on the next try. This is all part of the Anti-theft system on you car and it involves the PCM (computer), Instrument Cluster, and the ignition switch. Good Luck if its a grand am gt with the "2.4 twin cam" then check the wire from the batt to the starter and from the alt to the starter i have a 2.4 and the guages went crazy because the wire from the starter to the battery was loose on the starter it also killed the battery because the alternator wire is connected to it at the starter if that makes sense -captain I had the same problem and it was the wire. I thought I tightened everything, and I had no problems for month. Now it's back. How can I keep everything tight back there? In addition to losing my gauges, I also lose my HVAC and power windows when the connection is interrupted. it sounds like you need to replace your instrument cluster. i actually replaced mine today my next problem is resetting the computer so the car will start have fun Your Alternator belt could be bad, I had the same problem. I just had to replace the alternator in my 96 Grand Am...and it did exactly what you described to a T. Good luck! My suggestion: go to a wrecking yard for the alternator (a yard that warranties parts like those) and then have a friend or someone who knows what they're doing change it for you. Otherwise, it will cost you an arm and a leg.

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Why won't your speedometer and RPM gauge work in your 1993 Chevy Lumina?

The 1991 > 1994 Chevy Lumina Speedometer, Odometer and maybe the RPM gauge gets a signal from the ECM computer. This ECM signal is feed to a module in the instrument panel, which feeds the three items above. If all three are not working replace the instrument panel or the module (which is inside the panel), but swap the odometer to keep your mileage correct for the vehicle. Note: The ECM gets its signal from a VSS on the Transmission and the ECM feed three areas in the car: Speed Control, Speedometer and one other (?). If the speed control works, the problem is not the VSS or the ECM. The problem is in the Instrument Panel.

Why does your Silverado instrument panel sometimes fail?

These trucks are notorious for this issue. It could be a couple different things. The ignition switch is made of plastic and tendes to burn or short some of the contacts on it and will cause the instrument panel to shut off completly. The instrument panel itself could have a short it the circuitry somewhere and is actually quite common. It could all start from the gas gauge and oil pressure gauge failure, to inaccurate speed or rpm readings to total failure. Id start with ignition switch first being that its the cheapest to fix then go from there. good luck!

Where is the speed sensor buffer for a 1989 Chevy 1500 pickup?

It is a part of the connector from the speed sen sor to the dash instrument panel. The manual says it is behind the glove box

Which fuse controls the speedometer on C220 Mercedes?

# 11....it controls the instrument panel....speedometer could be a seperste issue involving the speed sensor in the differential.

Is a thermometer the instrument used to measure wind speed?

No. The instrument used to measure wind speed is an anemometer.

Is radiation the instrument used to measure wind speed?

Radiation is not an instrument. Wind speed is measured with an anemometer.

What is other name of anemometer?

Wind gauge or wind speed gauge

Where is turn signal flasher on a 1998 Olds delta 88?

Under the instrument panel on left side. There is a hush panel. (Plastic cover with three screws and a speed nut). Remove panel, flasher is fastened on top of fuse box under this panel. Difficult scale, 1 to 10 it's a 1 (one).

How is the speed of an aircraft measured?

the speed is measured by using primary flight instrument...this instrument have air speed indicator by which v cn measure d speed of airplane..

How do you replace speedometer on 95 sentra?

Speedometer is an integrated part of the instrument panel. If you have problems with the speedometer, check first the peed sensor. My 96 Sentra have problems with the speedometer. I replaced the speed sensor and instrument panel and still the dial stops intermittently, this turns-on the check engine light. For me, the next step is to check the wiring.

Will the instrument cluster out of a 91 to 98 fit and function in your 89 1500?

NO it is not anywhere close to the same. This is not exactly true. 91 was a cross over year. It was the first year for the new style gauge panel with the tach but the last year for that style wiring and speed-o-meter control box. So if you have a pre 92 truck and want the newer style gauge with the tack there is only one year pickup that is a direct bolt in.

How do you replace the 3 speed heater switch on 98 wrangler?

Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable.Remove the center bezel from the instrument panel.Remove the four screws that secure the A/C-heater control to the instrument panel.Pull the A/C-heater control away from the instrument panel far enough to access the connections on the back of the control.Disconnect the vacuum harness from the A/C-heater control.Disconnect the wire harness connectors from the A/C-heater control and remove the blower switch......

How many miles can you drive with a full tank in a 2001 grand am se?

that changes depending on your driving style, the terrain, your speed, the condition of the engine, and other factors. it is hard to gauge

What instrument measures weather data?

Air Temperature - Thermometer Air Pressure - Barometer Humidity - Hygrometer Wind - Weather Vane (direction) with anemometer (speed) Rainfall - Rain Gauge

Name a gauge on your car's dashboard?

1. fuel gauge or gas gauge 2. RPM gauge or tachometer 3. Speedometer or Speed Gauge 4. Oil gauge 5. Odometer 6. Electrical gauge 7. Temperature gauge

The gauges on the dashboard of a car are called?

They are called gauges. Perhaps I don't understand the question. There is a fuel gauge, which tells you how much fuel you have, or an electrical gauge, or one that gauges speed. I guess depending on the gauge there is a different name. So your speed gauge is your speedometer. Your RPM gauge is the tachometer, and so on.

What instrument is used to measure a blizzard?

wind speed- anemometer wind direction- wind vane temperature- thermometer precipitation- rain gauge also use satellites to determine the size and strength of the Blizzard

How Do you find out why your RPM gauge works but your speed gauge dont and how do you fix it is it a fuse 1989 Honda accord?

your rpm gauge works off your engin your speed gauge works off the transmission where the cable slides into the transmission tha plastic geer is probably stripped

What is the most common application of digital panel meters?

Digital panel meters are there to translate the input from the particular instrument into information that makes sense to the reader. For example, it might translate the rotations per minute of a wind anemometer into a number which indicates wind speed in miles per hour.

What can you attach to an anaemometer to to measure the speed of wind?

Anemometer is an instrument to measure the wind speed.

What instrument is usedto measure speed?

A speedometer or Mach-meter is used to measure speed.

What is an aneometer?

an instrument used to determine wind speed

Instrument used to measure the speed of rotation or correct shape of the thing?

There is no single instrument for either of these things

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