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Why would your left turn signal not work after you replaced the fuse?


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2015-07-17 17:55:21
2015-07-17 17:55:21

Check all the left side turn signal bulbs by removing them and looking at the wire filaments to see if one is broken, and also clean the sockets that the bulbs go into, to remove any corrosion or dirt or moisture.

If your right side signals are working, it is safe to assume that the turn signal flasher is OK, so only check the left side, front and rear. Finally double check to see if you replaced the CORRECT fuse, by looking at the fuse diagram in your owners manual.


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if only one turn signal is out your looking at a blown bulb not a fuse as the turn signals are on one fuse if it blew none of your signals would work but to check anyway look in manual to find which fuse is turn signal fuse located fuse box and pull it

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The fuse for hazard and signal lights on the Nissan Serena is in the fuse box, bottom row. The flasher fuse for hazard and signal lights is located in the dash just to the left of the radio.

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