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Something blocking it

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Q: Why would your pool line that goes into your filter collapse when you try to vacuum?
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What causes a pool to collapse?

If water goes under a required level a vacuum can form underneath the lining which makes the whole structure unstable.

How do you vacuum your pool with intex pump model 621?

There is an insert that goes into the large surface skimmer that includes a net filter bag. A vacuum hose goes on the insert and the other end on the vacuum. I use a little shark automatic cleaner with mine. Works great!

Why is your Lincoln Mark VIII hesitating?

Could be many things, vacuum leak, spark plug wire, spark plug, bad gas, fuel filter, air filter and the list goes on.

Would car shake in gear if transmission filter goes bad?


When will the US dollar collapse?

It does not tell when the US dollar will collapse. A dollar collapse is when the dollar goes down really quick.

Will the US dollar collapse?

It does not tell when the US dollar will collapse. A dollar collapse is when the dollar goes down really quick.

What goes on inside a vacuum?

by definition a vacuum is empty. as in nothing. there is nothing in a vacuum. so the answer is, by current knowledge, that nothing happens in a vacuum

Why would the heater switch not change off of defrost position on a 2000 S10?

You have a vacuum line disconnected probably under the hood. The HVAC controls are operated by vacuum and when there is no vacuum it system goes into defrost mode.

What is the reason for vacuum at distributor?

"VAcuum advance". Step on it, vacuum goes down and it advances timing for more performance/power. Idle of letting off, advance goes back to setting for economy.

How do you get rid of the brown stuff at the bottom of the pool that goes right though the vacuum?

Use a suction vacuum plugged into your skimmer to vacuum to waste.

What would cause the air filter on your 1994 Wrangler to be full of oil?

This is one of the most common jeep problems. There are two hoses coming off of the valve cover. One goes to the air filter box and the other one goes to the intake manifold. The one that goes to the intake manifold is a vacuum line that breaks or becomes plugged easily. When that happens the air filter fills with oil. Check to see if that line is broken, if it is not then take off the end at the valve cover and take a small pick or nail and stick it into the fitting and clean out the carbon build up.

Why would your 2001 f-150 4x4 front end not lock in when engaged but transfer case gears it down?

Probably a vacuum problem. check the vacuum line that goes to the front axle.

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