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Why would your power go out to your garage but not to your house and no fuses be blown?


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2005-10-01 18:54:37
2005-10-01 18:54:37

Does the garage have a separate breaker box or fuse box inside? Is there a separate power feed for the garage? In the 70's and 80's some cities were allowing aluminum wiring INSIDE residences. If the wire from the main fuse/breaker panel is aluminum there is a real possibility that you might have a bad connection between the fuse box or breaker panel and the outlets in the garage.


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If there are no blown fuses in your Lincoln ls, then there could be a short in the wires causing your power locks to not work.

The air blower and the cruise control are completely powered by separate fuses. It is possible that both have blown fuses.

Check the fuse panel and look for any blown fuses.

Check fuses. If all are intact and not blown start checking wires for damage/connectivity.

run a wire from the battery to the radio with an inline fuse... or check ur fuses and see if its blown

This requires a lot of battery power. First, check your fuses. You may have blown them(one). Then check your battery for a charge.

I have a 2003 hummer h2 with the same problem no power to the obd2 outlet and no fuses blown either. I bought a hypertech chip and cant make it work due to the problem. Anyone know whats up?

It could be faulty wiring or more than likely the fuse is blown. check the owners manual for fuse locations, and use the extra fuses to replace any blown ones.

Usually it is because a breaker has tripped or a fuse has blown.

Yes and no. It is not a separate fuse. The same fuses that power the engine computer also power the cruise system. So if the engine runs, it is not a blown fuse.

depending on what kind of car you have it could be a burnt fuseable link or possibly a bad ignition switch or a blown fuse under the hood.

Yes and No. Circuit breakers, fuses, and switches all interrupt power flow when opened. Circuit breakers and fuses are current limiting devices that are designed to protect the wiring. They typically are tripped, or blown which automatically causes the circuit to be opened. Circuit breakers and fuses should not be used as switches. Switches are designed to only interrupt power flow.

There are separate fuses for both the front and rear auxiliary power points. Check the fuse box to see if the fuse is blown out.

Power supplies have fuses. The motherboards do not.

You need to check the main fuse box, it is likely that one of your fuses on the kitchen/bathroom circuit has tripped or blown.

make sure and check all the relays and fuses,worse case bring to the dealership or a garage to get it hooked up to a computer.

The cruise is ran by the same fuses that power the computerThe cruise is ran by the same fuses that power the computer

If this is a vehicle you are referring to, there is generally a diagram on the fusebox cover which shows which devices are protected by which fuses. If you are dealing with a fusebox in a house, that is rarely true. In that case, all one can do is remove the fuses one by one and see which areas of the house lose power.

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