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Why would your radio clock and overhead light stop working in your 2001 Kia Sephia?

It could be a blown fuse.

What would cause 1995 Mazda Millenia Clock AC and Radio to suddenly stop working?

chack for a blown fuse or fuses.

Why Would The Radio clock and Cd Player Stop Working in Toyota corolla 2007?

sounds like a blown fuse to me. That would be the first place to look.

Why Did James F Reynolds Invent the Radio Alarm Clock?

According to my uncle who is James Reynolds son."the alarm quit working on his wind up clock... so he rigged the key on the back of the clock to the volume knob on the radio. when the alarm started going off, the key would spin around and turn the volume up on the radio."

Where can I get the best clock radio?

I would suggest a Sony clock radio. You can get this for a very cheap price of 19 to 20 dollars. And it isn't to complicated it is just a very simple clock radio. I think it will be great for your kids.

How much would an audek clock radio cost?

about $20

What would they do when they first come to work?

Clock in and start working.

How do you set clock for 2003 Pontiac grand am?

a picture of the radio would be helpful

Do you have to reprogram your vehicle after changing the battery?

No. The only thing would be the clock and radio.

Why would the Radio stopped working in a 1998 Lexus es300 fuses not blown?

Radio in 1990 Lexus LS400 stopped working, possible answer?

How much does it cost to get a satellite radio for a travel alarm clock?

Generally, it would cost the same as getting satellite radio for your car.

Why would everything in your 2000 Lincoln ls work except your radio and clock?

I would start with the fuse panel.

Honda CRV dashboard clock is not working. How would I repair it?

Check for voltage and continuityFollowing are the steps I did to prove the clock was not working anymore!I open the Dashboard and check the voltage getting to the clock. The voltage was OK.Then I unscrewed the 2 clock screws then I check for continuity! They were no continuity, proven the clock was not working anymore. This is a classic case of internal clock failure. We offer a reasonable repair service at

What is a good clock radio for a modern style bedroom?

An Ipod dock with alarm clock would fit in well with modern decor.

what kind of clock radio would work best while traveling?

A battery powered alarm clock is best as you may not remember to plug it in all the time.

How do you set the radio clock on a 2004 Hyundai Elantra?

The radio/CD player must NOT be turned on. Press the DISP button on the right-hand side. The clock display starts flashing. Then press the Up or Down arrows to the left of the clock display to move the time forward or backward. These are the buttons you would use to change tracks or stations when the CD/radio is on.

What would be the cause for a broken radio and clock in a 1998 Camry?

Check the fuse box for bad fuses.

How do you set the clock in a 1990 Chevrolet Tracker?

The way on how to set the clock in your car, would depend on the tyoe of clock/radio in it. My first suggestion: check and see if it is the original clock/radio installed. If it is the "factory stock"(the clock/radio that it had when first built, sold, etc.), would be to check the owner's manual. On later models there will be a pair of arrow buttons labeled "Audio" that you can use to set the hours and minutes separately. Simply hold each one until the time begins to change. If, however, it has been replaced by a different clock/radio system, you are going to have to look up the kind installed into it. For better or futher advice, contact your nearest auto part/repair store. If you need a clock that a watch!

How do you reset the clock on a Ford Focus 2002 wagon?

It depends entirely on which (factory installed) radio you have. The instructions are different for each one. My suggestion would be to GOOGLE the words "Ford Focus clock" and see what results you get. Of course if you have an "after-market" radio you'd have to follow theinstructions for the suppliers particular radio.

Why would your radio stop working and also can smell burnt wires in a 1994 ford ranger?

There is a short in your wiring somewhere to your radio. I would check it out. Or get it checked.

Is there a fuse that could be out that would interfere with power to your radio besides the radio fuse?

Should have 2 fuses 1 being a constant HOT to maintain memory circuit in radio (clock, station select, etc.)

Astra 1998 - Why would the LED clock date and temperature display stop working and how do you fix it?

i would check your fuses

Can 206 clock work without radio?

Yes. If you remove the radio, the clock will simply show the current time and date. Beware, though, when I changed my radio, the clock's software went crazy and it stopped updating the clock. That means that when I turned the car on, it would show me the correct time, but then it wouldn't advance until I turned the car off and on again. This was fixed by unplugging the battery thereby resetting the clock's software.

How do you play the poke flute on the radio?

After getting the pokegear extention, the pokeflute is at the top of the round thing, like where 12 would be on a clock.

The fuse is good so why would my 1993 Chevrolet's clock and radio suddenly not work?

Could be a disconnected wire, bad ground, a break in the wire (inside the insulation). Are they one and the same (a radio with a clock on it)? Could be the component died (bad transistor, diode, faulty soldering, etc).

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