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Why would your right eye keep blinking?


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== == * Eye strain can cause this due to staring at a computer screen too long, watching TV too much or too close, or reading a lot. People can get "twitches" which is a nerve to the eye, but generally nothing to worry about. However everyone should get a good check-up by their Optometrist every year and it would be a good thing for you to do to be sure you don't need glasses or contact lenses. == ==


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For women:The blinking of left eye indicates good omen and the blinking of right eye indicates bad omenFor men:The blinking of left eye indicates bad omen and the blinking of right eye indicates good omen.

nothing much it would burn your eye and you'll need to rinse your eye with water and just keep blinking the eventually your eye will wash out the rest of mustard

my left eys blinking again & again sometime blinking right eys what happned

Magnesium deficiency. Healthy food might help

right eye lower lid flickers good upper- bad left eye, lower- bad upper -good.

The answer is yes. Blinking protects the eye and also cleans the eye too.

The Average person can keep their eyes open for about 10 seconds. :D

The reasons are same for both the eyes. Hindu scriptures (Ramayana) mentions that blinking of right eye is good omen for the men and bad omen for women. Vise verse was true for women. This is unscientific concept.

Having a scrape on the eye itself usually will get a prescription for an occular antibiotic (and if the scrape is large and/or painful an occular pain drop). The first helps with infection and eye health-the second is to keep you comfortable, keep you from rubbing your eye, and keep you from blinking excessively. The antibiotic may be given as a pill in some cases.

What is the cause of eye blinking in 2 years old child.

To keep your eyeball moisturized, every blink spreads a tiny ammount of tiers over the eye ball. If you would not blink you would become irreversably blind in less than a day.

you couldn't tell because a cyclops has only one eye.. but i would say if it was just blinking it would look like a blink.. but if it were smiling and it blinks I would think it was a blink because of the smile on his face

I would not keep the uninjured eye uncovered.

it is not both eyes blink at the same time (except if you wink a lot)

It is possible to blink with your left eye, but you will need to specify the question...

Stand beside the cow. Your right eye is on your right, so the cow's right eye would be on its right. The same thing for your and the cow's left eye.

It could crawl on your eye, but blinking would shoo him away in a hurry.

You don't usually notice your own eyes blinking - but you subconsciously notice other peoples.

It helps the eye, and gets rid of stuff.

you can never stop but your eyes is closed

Your eye hurts because your eye dries out quickly. Blinking is putting moisture on your eye, keeping it wet.

The lens of the eye needs to stay moist, so blinking replenishes that dryness of the lens. Blinking also occurs in the event of debris getting on the lens of the eye.

The eye needs the a lid to protect it. It also needs tears and periodic blinking to cleanse it and keep it moist. There are many conditions that impair these functions and threaten the eye, specifically the cornea, with drying. Until they can be.

If a child is continually blinking, there is something wrong. They may be having problems with their vision and need to see a physician.

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