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Why would your sister pick the time of your mother's death to settle unresolved bad feelings toward you and try to turn family against you at the hardest time of your life?

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2006-07-30 09:19:46

I am very sorry about your mother's death and all that you are

going through. Each individual grieves in a different fashion. Your

sister is probably angry because your mother died and all that's

left are memories (some bad, some good). She's actually mad at your

mother "for leaving" and feels guilty for unresolved bad issues

with you and other family members and because of the hurt from the

loss of your mother she needs to blame someone and thus, she lashes

out. It takes time to get over grieving. If she won't listen to

reason then realize that she has ghosts in the past to face as well

as grief so stay clear of her if she doesn't want your help or

support. One day she will come around. For now, look after yourself

and because other family members know both of you it's highly

doubtful they are going to believe a word she says. Remember that

your mother loved all her children (good/bad) and it's going to be

up to you to try your very best to resolve the anger in the future

between your sister and you. If she won't accept it, then it's time

to move on and there is no shame in that.

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