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If the speedometer does work, but the odometer doesn't work, then you have a bad speedometer head assembly. The speedo head is a microprocessor that gathers the info coming from the vehicle speed sensor and translates it for you on the speedo and the odo. If one is working, but the other isn't, then it is getting the VSS signal, it just isn't processing it right.

You could also be experiencing the below issue:

The Brake Pressure Differential Deactivation Switch (SCDS) (2B264) located under the Master Cylinder (Behind the Air Filter) over time develops a leak. This causes a short and a fuse trip, fuse #10 if the engine is on. This leak also causes brake fluid to wick down two wires to the ABS brake module (2C219). The fluid accumulates on the (always on) power connectors for the ABS brake system which are powered by fuses 101 and 102 and are both 40 amp. The fluid attacts moisture, road salt and leads to a fire when the fluid and moisture act as conductor between the hot leads and ground. This switch has been the subject of other Ford Recalls, just not the Windstar van yet. Below is a picture of the switch in question. Notice the fluid that leaked on the part below it. This switch will cause cruise control problems, speedometer, odometer and ABS brake system problems.

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Q: Why would your the odometer on a 2000 Ford Windstar stop working?
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Ford windstar 2000 speedometer and odometer stopped?

Start with the vehicle speed sensor the feeds the speedometer and odometer.Also look at the Brake/Speedometer problem associated with the Windstar recall for a leaking brake pressure switch

Why would the radio and cigar lighter quit working at the same time on your 2000 Windstar?

Blown fuse.

Your speedometer quit working on your 2000 Windstar?

because u farted on it

Why would the remote key radio odometer and speedometer all go out within months of each other on a 2000 Ford Windstar LX?

Try replacing the number 10 fuse.

Why would the odometer stop working In a 2000 Daewoo Leganza?

I don't know I'm very, very sorry!

What to do if speedometerand cruise control and odometer stopped working on a 2000 grand marguis?

get it fixed

Jeep odometer reads no fuse and radio stopped working. The fuses are good. 2000 wrangler?

"The fuses are good." Well, your odometer certainly isn't.

Why is the heating not working on Minivan Ford Windstar LX 2000?

have the heater core cehecked out

Why does theft light flash when vans not running on your 2000 Windstar lx?

to tell you it's working

How do you fix the odometer on a 2000 infiniti i30?

How much it did odometer infiniti i30 2000

Where is the transmission control solenoid in your 2000 ford windstar?

where is the tcm in a windstar 2000 located

Why would the speedometer and odometer stop working in a 2000 1500 Dodge pickup truck?

If the abs light is on, then you might have a rear axle speed sensor issue. If not, then you have a cluster problem.

2000 ford windstar problem with abs light on and speedometer and odometer seem to be registering half what the should?

I had the same problem with my ford 2000 windstar. The abs light would stay on and everything did not work from my lights, to my radio, ac, horn, turning signals..etc. I finally found out that it was my alternator and it had very bad coil. Check your alternator and see if that works!

How do you reset odometer in 2000 neon?

You cannot reset the odometer in your car, however you can reset your trip odometer.

Where is the air flow relay in 2000 Ford truck windstar?

where is air flow relay on 2000 ford windstar

What kind of oil do you need for a 2000 ford windstar?

According to the 2000 Ford Windstar Owner Guide ( 5W-30 )

How do you turn off passenger airbag on a 2000 ford windstar mini van?

my 2000 windstar sel you can not turn of the air bags.

How many cans of freon does a 2000 ford windstar use?

A 2000 Ford Windstar uses 4 cans of R134A freon.

How do you check if speed sensor is good Cadillac catera 2000?

If the speedometer/odometer is working, chances are the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) is good.

Will a engine and transmission from a 2000 Ford Windstar fit in a 2001 Ford Windstar?

the transmissions are different 2000 takes ax4s 2001 take ax4n motors would fit some sensors make need to be transfered

Why would a 2000 Lincoln Navigator odometer go off and on?

These are completely electronic. You may have a loose wire.

Where is the inertia switch in a 2000 ford windstar?

In the cargo area , on the passenger side , behind the service panel ( on a 2000 Ford Windstar )

Why are there dashes in the odometer instead of numbers in a 2000 Ford Windstar?

AnswerSounds like a disconnected wire\ground or a failed sensor. Odometer gets usually get some of its info from the speed sensor located on the Transmission. I would check the connections of this first.Another possibilityThis symptom (dashes in the odometer) has also been linked to a leaky brake switch.See "Related Questions" below for more and links to an outstanding write-up for replacing the switch.

What is the average cost of fixing the transmission in a 2000 Ford Windstar?

I just paid 1800.00 for a rebuilt tranny for my 2000 windstar. I paid $1600 for a complete overhaul after my 2001 Windstar stopped moving (except downhill and a push).

How many gallons of gas can a 2000 Ford Windstar hold?

According to the 2000 Ford Windstar Owner Guide : ( 26.0 U.S. gallons )