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that's a tough one.

it sounds to me like your woodriff key is loose, broken or missing.

cam and crank gear keeper bolts

could be coming loose or stripped.

may even be a bad cam shaft bearing.

or a crank shaft bearing.

oh. chain could be wrong size as well.

valve springs to stiff/not worn in maybe? they could be causing the cam to bind a little so the crank's compression is just yanking on the chain causing it to jump.


I'm sorry, you need to specify more info.. like, How do you know its the timing chain or belt (did not specify engine type) etc..

It won't jump time! (but once) Then it quites and most likely wipes out some valves in the process. Makes no difference if it is a overhead cam with a timing belt or an in block camshaft driven by gears or a timing chain set. Once it jumps time that's it until it' repaired. The cam and crank are either in time or they aren't. I resently repaired a 5.0L Ford (302 V-8) that had a problem like this and it turned out to be the distributor. The rotor drive flang on top of the distributor drive shaft that is timed to that camshaft and holds the "rotor button" had a broken weld and it would "skip" around the shaft on start ups and get to a point of out of time where it would not start or quite when being driven on the road. You could re-time the distributor and it would start and run fine for a short while then do it again. I finally took the cap back off and took hold of the rotor drive flang, minus the rotor button, with a large pair of "water pump" slip joint pliers and found I could rotate the rotor drive flang of the distributor shaft back and forth. Not " a good thing", at all! A reman'ed distributor from the Zone repaired it and she runs like a top. This sound more like the problem your asking about. There is not much probibility, AT ALL, your timing chain is actually "jumping" time. If it were to it would just quite and not crank again.

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Q: Why would your timing chain keep jumping?
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Your 1986 cutlass timing keep changing you have to keep setting the timing back?

Your timing chain may be worn to the point it is jumping a tooth and thus changing the timing. If you can hear the chain that is a good sign it is worn. I would inspect the timing chain.

What would cause the timing chain to keep jumping time in your 1985 Nissan truck?

try changing both timing gears

Why would your 1985 chevy k10 350 keep jumping time?

The only way your engine could "jump time" would be if there was a timing chain problem. Step one would be to remove the timing chain cover and see what's going on.

What causes your 1995 Pontiac Grand prix 3100 engine to keep jumping time after installing a new timing chain?

your timing marks are incorrect the timing is off. You'll need to reinstall the timing chian with the right timing marks ask a professional for assistance.

Why would the timing of a 1991 acura integra continously keep jumping when reset?

my best opinion is the timing belt has become loose after re doing the timing so many times. this means a new timing belt is needed

Why would your timing belt in a Honda Civic 2001 keep jumping?

It needs a new belt tensioner probably, on needs tensioned properly.

When should you change the timing belt on a 97 Saturn wagon?

Never. The Saturn S series vehicles used a timing chain instead of a timing belt. And the chain is inside the engine, bathed in oil to keep it lubricated. The timing chain should be replaced whenever you rebuild the engine.

Could the timing chain on a 1979 ford f150 keep my truck from starting?


Does 2009 Honda Accord 4 cylinder have a timing chain or belt?

It has a timing chain - and you really need to keep up on your oil changes; dirty oil will cause the chain to wear and stretch, which causes other problems.

Do manual transmission vehicles have timing belts?

timing belt has nothing to do with transmission so it is possoble for you to have a timing belt it may be a timing chain also the purpose of the belt or chain is to keep the crank shaft turning in time with the cam shafts yes, the timing belt is independent of the transmission.

What is the cost for repair Chevy S-10 timing chain?

On my 2000 S-10 cost about $400.00. My timing chain keeps going out. waranteed part so they must keep replacing it.

When do you replace the timing belt in a 2003 Pontiac Montana?

Does not have a belt, timing chain only, no maintenance required. Just keep your oil changed regularly.

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