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Why would your tire suddenly seize?

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βˆ™ 2005-03-20 13:25:01

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Could be a number of things.. most likely the wheel bearings have completely let go...

2005-03-20 13:25:01
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What would you do if one of your tires suddenly lost pressure while you were driving?

If one of my tires suddenly lost pressure while I was driving, I would pull over as soon as possible and replace that tire with my spare tire.

What would make your tire suddenly shift while driving f150 fwd?

Your u-joints are worn out.

How much does a tractor tire cost?

depends on how big? a rear compact tractor tire 11.2x24 is about$250 if you get an irrigation tire same seize about $130

Why would your tire seize?

I recently had to have a bearing replaced on a tire. My car was making a loud vibration and I thought I had ran over something causing a tire issue. I ignored it for a few weeks before I took it to a mechanic to diagnose. It was a bad bearing and he said it was close to "seizing" (which he said means that the tire would have fallen off the car).

What is another word for take hold of something suddenly and it has 5 letters?

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Where should you park when your tire suddenly deflates on a highway?

Off of the pavement

How would you used seize in a sentence?

I am prepared to seize the day. The pirates are going to try to seize the ship.

Why won't the front tire on a Chevy 2000 S 10 come off after lug removal?

Because the rim is stuck or seize on the brake rotor you just have to hit the tire from the inside with any kind of pipe pry the tire of. Use anti seize behind the rim so it wont get stuck againg again you can buy it at any parts store.

Will Cooper Response touring tire fit on a 7 inch wide rim?

They depends on ? what seize the tire is. Normally nothing bigger than a 225 is mounted on a 7inch rim.

Would a loose carburetor cause an engine to seize?

No, it would cause the engine to run poorly but not to seize. Lack of lubrication or overheating will cause that. Also a broken part, as in a rod, will cause it to seize.

Carpe Deim Seize The Day?

Carpe dIEm. Seize the day. Or pluck it as you would a flower.

Yellow explanation mark on dash of a mini cooper?

It means the tire pressure has changed suddenly.

Which one would be the heavier tire air tire or punctured tire?

There would be no detectable difference.

What is suddenly as an comparative?

"Suddenly" doesn't have a comparative and superlative form. Instead, you would say "more suddenly" or "most suddenly."

What would cause a 2004 Dodge Durango engine to seize up from a dead battery?

A dead battery would not cause an engine to seize

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What is the tire pressure for 26570R16?

That will depend on the application and weight rating of the tire. A passenger car tire would be about 35 psi. A truck tire would be 80 psi.

Will my tire fall off on my 2001 Nissan Sentra if I need a wheel bearing replaced?

Tire fall off, not likely. It just may seize the spindle and lock it up (and cause you to not be able to steer, or move the vehicle).

What is the difference between seize and cease?

The are spelled differently and have different meanings. Definition Seize: take hold of suddenly and forcibly Cease: come to an end Sentence Seized: she jumped up and seized his arm Cease: the hostilities had ceased and normal life was resumed

Is it dangerous to drive a car while wheel bearing needs fixing?

Yes. A damage wheel bearing can seize up suddenly, which'd be really bad.

Is 'seize' spelled correctly?

no - SEIZE

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