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Did yo replace the oil pressure sender?

You did not mention any thing about your truck making a nockingnoise when the oil pressure falls.Take note when it falls and iftheres a knock. A hot engine willproduce lower oil pressure than acold one. Oil gets thinner whenit's hot. The hotter it gets thethinner it gets. You could haveexcessive bearing ware thruogh outthe engine or even one bad bearing. That would cause low oilpressure. Only way of fixing it isa engine overhual. But if your engine does not knock I would runit as long as i could. Also checkthe oil and make sure you don'thave any metal shavings in it. Ifit doesn't then run it with a little heaver oil. Also sounds like your engine may have been overheated at one time this has an effect on premature bearingware.

It's the basic concept, the faster the rpm's the more oil flow you need. You said it was a Ford? Most fords after 87's have started tuneing their engines and oil pumps to operate with one another, meaning the oil pump isn't needed as much when its sitting at a standstill. Since the engine is just at an idle, yet when its in neutral the idle raises a bit more since its not in gear and isn't being bound up.

if the oil pressure does this whin the engine worms up and not when its cold then you need to replace your inserts and maines as they are worn, the inserts and maines is what holds the oil pressure in the engine.

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Q: Why would your truck's oil pressure drop when stopped at a traffic light?
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