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Why would your vents blow air through the defroster but not through the dash?

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Some of the air handling dampener motors are vacuum controlled and some have a small electric motor. If it's a vacuum controlled dampener, you probably have a vacuum leak, faulty vacuum diaphragm or disconnected vacuum line. If it's an electric dampener motor you have a bad connection, faulty feedback switch or faulty motor assembly.

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Why would the vents in your 1999 Suburban blow air through the defroster but not through the dash?

thats because your blower went out

Why would a 2004 jeep grand cherokee only blow air out of defroster not the vents?

Either you need to pen your vents or there is some vent obstruction.

How do you fix your ac to blow in the correct vents and not just the defroster?

My ac blows only in the defroster and not any of the other vents i have 98 ford windstar 3.8 v6

Why would the ac and heater blow air through the defroster or the dashboard vents but not through the floor vents.?

It should blow through the floor vents. Modern vehicles generally use movable baffles in there HVAC systems, to direct air flow where the controls indicate. If the controls allow airflow to the floor, but nothing flows out, there is a malfunction between the control switch and the actuator that directs the flow.

On a1996 corvette what causes the AC air to blow out of the defroster and floor vents for about 30 minutes before blowing out of the dash vents?

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How do you get the air in a 1996 Dodge Dakota to blow through the vents and not the defroster?

Find the vacuumline that goes from the intake to the resirvoir and from the resirvoir to the inside of the cab. It isn't connected.

Why would air only blow out the floor vents and the two outside dash vents not out the center dash vents or the defroster no matter what setting the Heat and air controls are on in a 2003 Ford Taurus?

some thing is probley cloging the vents take it appart and ckeck.

What causes air to blow out the floor and defroster vents but not out the panel ac vents on a 1997 firebird?

How easy is it to replace head gasket on 1994 firebird lt1 motor

What do you look for in having the blower blow to the floor and through the vents. Currently no matter how you adjust the AC or heater control it blows through the defroster by the windshield?

your switch cable might be broke you will have to remove your dash

2001 Chevrolet express van air wont blow through vents?

If air blows from defroster only, the vacuum line to the blend door may be broken. You can access most of it under the hood.

When i Replaced ac heater motor on your 1988 Mustang the air will only blow through the defroster vents how do I get the air to blow through front vents?

Look for an array of vacuum lines underneath the dash. There will be yellow, red, blue, and black lines. Make sure they are intact and connected in the right order. Check for loose ones and make sure they are not leaking or torn/crushed.

Why does the air conditioner on a 2002 Crown Victoria blow out of the defroster and on the floor but not the dash vents?

I have exactly the same problem on my 2000 Still looking for the answer

Dodge ram 2003 ac wont blow thu vents whats wrong with it?

If it blows only out the defroster vents : then check for Vaccume leak Rick ASE L-1 Master

Why would the heater core warm up but not blow any warm air through the vents or defroster in a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer?

The mixing door isn't working. Take it to the garage as it porbably is the controler. First make sure there is vacuum getting inside the cab from the engine.

Why doesn't heat nor cold air blow out of front or floor vents but does out of windshield defrost vents?

It sounds like your vacuum controls are stuck on the defroster I had that happen and I sprayed a lubricant into the vacuum lines and it cleared up

Why does the heat not blow through the vents in your house?

Likely, your blower (fan) is out.

Why does your 2003 Honda Accord heater blow cold air through the defroster vents and warm air through the dash vents?

This means that you have either an issue with a vacuum line or one of the a/c - heater doors behind the dash is not working correctly and you need to start off at the a/c - heater controller to check that all positions are working...........

Why doesnt the environmental fan in your 1994 Chevy S10 Blazer 4dr 4x4 blow air through the vents?

The controls that direct the air flow to the defroster, to the vents and to the floor are vacuum operated. You may have a vacuum leak causing your problem. Check under the hood for broken, cracked, disconnected vacuum lines.

What would cause a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee to have no ac to front vents but blow ac from defroster vents instead?

Check for vacuum leak either under the hood or under the dash Check the operation of the vacuum actuators Check the selector switch Defrost is the default setting on this system

What would cause low air blow through vents if nothing is clogged and blower is good?

Check the cabin filter if applicable.

Why does your heater only blow hot air out the defroster and not out the vents in the dash 1987 Suzuki Samurai?

That is actually how the vehicle was designed. If you look at the selector knob for the vents you'll notice that the arrows pointing down and for the windshield are white and the vents for the dash are blue. Basically, you can defrost and warm your feet and that's it

Why won't the air conditioner in your Jeep blow through the vents?

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What would cause the vent system to only blow out the defroster?

could be a vacuum line off

Why would a 95 Ford Taurus blow a mist through the inside vents?

Hey Mike==If your car has A/C when it is exceptionally humid outside, it is common for the vents to blow some vapor. It is generally more visible when the sun is shining inside the car. Nothing wrong. GoodluckJoe

Why would air only blow out the floor vents and the two outside dash vents not out the center dash vents?

The flap that directs sir to the selected vents is jammed or broken...or the switch that controls it is.