Why wouldn't a 92 RS Camero V6 Auto in the cold start when engine turns over it jumps with a weird intake noise but will not kick on?

Answer 1 == I'm not familiar with your make and model, but had similar symptoms on my Ford LTD a few years back. It was cranking, firing, acting like it wanted to start, but backfired out of the carburator, made weird "gurgling" sounds at the carb intake, and actually shot fire out of the carb. When I gave up trying to trouble shoot the problem myself, I called in a mobile mechanic, and he determined that the timing chain had "jumped time." The purpose of the timing chain, or timing belt on some vehicles, is to coordinate the timing of the valves now usually in the head(s) to the distributor and pistons. If the timing chain or belt "slips" or jumps time, then IF the intake valves happen to be open when the distributor fires a plug(s) the fuel is ignited, and the expanding burning fuel escapes back through the intake manifold, carburator, and air cleaner system. This is what causes the "weird intake noise" which you describe. I suspect that this is the cause of your problem, and if I'm correct, it is a major issue, which will require replacement of timing chain or belt, possibly gear sprocket(s) or pulley(s), and also possibly other engine components damaged by the out of time cranking. Unless you are a very good "shade tree mechanic," you need a professional automotive repair shop.