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My '96 Voyager, w/ 2.4L & 3 speed hydraulic tranny wouldn't go in reverse. I replaced with a rebuilt tranny. I took the old one apart recently to save the internals & do a forensics exam (discarding case since top mount broke in an accident years ago). I found that the rear piston had a torn rubber ring. That likely caused the problem since the rear band controls 1st & reverse. It could have torn from a burr on a side hole, but the rubber looks too soft. I suspect the rubber ring was damaged by adding "stop leak", which I recall I tried since the front seal had been leaking. It didn't fix the leak and I think they work by swelling rubber parts. I will never use it again. I probably caused the front seal leak by beating the crankshaft pulley with a sledgehammer (long story - inadvertently swaged crank to pulley during a timing belt change). I think you can remove the rear piston with the tranny in the vehicle. I didn't pay real close attention, but I think you would have to remove the valve body. Re-installing is trickier than old RWD Torqueflites, as I recall you have to reach above the valve body and pull a spring lever back on the shift detent cam, requiring 3 hands. Anyway, with the piston exposed (after removing band lever), you need to remove a large circlip. I was able to so using needle-nose pliers. You have to wiggle the clip around the piston cover while compressed and it kept popping off my pliers. The proper tool would make it easy. I haven't checked how to get a replacement rubber ring or piston assembly.

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Q: Why wouldn't a '98 Plymouth Voyager go into reverse?
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Where is the water pump in a 98 Plymouth Voyager?

inside the motor

What type of freon do you use for a 98 Plymouth voyager?


What is the Oil capacity 98 Plymouth voyager 3.3?

5 quarts

Where is the computer located on 98 Plymouth Voyager?

In the front driver side beside the battery .

Where is the distributor in a 98' Plymouth Grand Voyager 3.0 engine?

It is on the passenger side, on the front head.

Where is the oil pump in a 98 Plymouth grand voyager?

It is inside the front of the engine, on the nose of the crankshaft.

What is the firing order on 98 Plymouth Voyager 3.8?


How do you access backside of engine in 98 Plymouth Voyager?

If its like a 96 you remove the windshield wiper motor and assembly

Where will you find the turn signal relay switch on 98 Plymouth grand voyager van?

The turn signal relay switch on a 98 Plymouth Grand Voyager Van should be on the steering column. Every vehicle will come with a manual that assists the driver in locating all of the different parts.

How do you adjust idle on 98 3.0 Plymouth Voyager?

It is not adjustable. If the idle speed is not correct, then you have a sensor/actuator/computer issue.

What radiator hoses for a 1989 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

on my 98 heater hoses are at the firewall to the right as you go under the hood. voyager have a tendency to clog up heater cores

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The oil pan of a 1998 Plymouth Voyager is quite easy to remove. Simply remove the series of bolts around the housing of the pan. Make sure to purchase a new gasket when replacing the pan.

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