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Why wouldn't a cooling fan come on even at 250 degrees?

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Hey Mike==It depends on what kind of car you have but most have a sending unit that turns the auxiliary fan on. the sender may be defective. Some have the ecm turn the fan on. GoodluckJoe

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Several things may be the cause ...... fan no longer works, cooling fan relay no longer works, coolant temp sensor is bad, or maybe even the cars ECU is'nt telling the fan to come on. Ron J.

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Your car coolant temp averages at 208-210 degrees is that too hot what can be done you have a 1996 cadillac deville w northstar?

That is fine. The cooling fans don't even come on until the coolant reaches 224. (or when the AC is on). Don't worry. Make sure the coolant is changed out every couple or three years, and you'll be fine.

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What is the operating temperature of a 1997' Sedan Deville Northstar V8?

NOrthstars will run anywhere between 195 and 230 or so. The cooling fans don't even come on until 224.

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