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Why wouldn't a husband file for divorce after a long separation and a bad breakup?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-08 21:44:43

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Usually because they are stingy and lazy and are expecting you to do it! It happened to me and believe me when I say I ran with the ball he tossed over and got a lawyer. I played a real sneaky on him. I went to my lawyer, so my husband had to get one. The divorce should have been easy as there were no children or property involved, but he was just miserable. He was going to give evidence so the divorce would be quick, but he would back out all the time. He was the one cheating! Finally I told my lawyer to phone his and tell him that if he didn't settle this divorce quickly and if he didn't stop blaming me (expecting me to pick up the tab for the divorce) that I would contest the divorce in court. This would have made him wait 3 years or more to ever marry and his mistress was putting pressure on him for the divorce to be finalized. He was livid and had to pay for the divorce. After all he put me through it made me feel darn good! We both moved on and yes, he did marry his mistress. Might be too much hassle. If it's in CA his ex wife will get half of whatever they own together. It is also VERY costly with lawyer fees and time off work to go to court dates etc. Most men stay married (even though they no longer have ties to the ex), but go on living their lives as single men. It might be that's the case, and if it was really that ugly of a seperation, he has no intentions of ever getting married again.

2006-08-08 21:44:43
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