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Why wouldn't you be able to put your Trailblazer in reverse?

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Possibly you need some Transmission Fluid More Likely, depending on Your climate, You may have developed some frost, or dirt, on your mass air flow sensor. On modern electronically controlled transmissions like the 4L-60E transmission, all of the controls depend on information from the mass air flow sensor.

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Why would the engine almost stall in a 1996 ford f150 5.0 when put into reverse?

transmission filter not properly seated in the valve body, causing it to stall when engaging reverse gear, wouldnt have believed it if i personally hadnt experienced the exact same problem myself.

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How do you put 2005 Chevy Trailblazer in 4 wheel drive?

It is best for the vehicle if you are at a complete stop, put the trailblazer in neutrail, turn the selection knob to your right to whichever setting you would like, wait for it to engage, then put it in drive and take off!

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How big of a tire will fit on a Chevy Trailblazer without modifications?

I just put 245/75r16 Wrangler Duratrac on my 4X4 LS trailblazer. Look mean and drive great

95 acura integra standard transmission noise when going into reverse?

that happens to me also, but to avoid the noise before going into reverse put in in first then put it in reverse that'll work!

1998 Polaris Explorer It runs fine but when you put it in reverse it acts like it is going to stall out and does not seem to engage Why is this happening?

This is a safety feature that polaris has on all their vehicles. It is to ensure that you will not achieve high speed in reverse as it is very dangerous. You must find the "reverse override" button. While you are in reverse, hold down the button and you will be able to go full blast in reverse and engine will run normal in reverse.

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2002 kia spectra reverse is sluggish and jumps when put in reverse from park?

it is the reverse clutch in the transmission.around 1000 to 1800 to repair it.

Can you put 22inch tires on cheverolet trailbazer?

Only if you had special rims to fit Trailblazer hubs

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How do you change o2 sensor trailblazer?

Unscrew the old one and put the new one in. Unscrew the old one and put the new one in.

How do you put a Chevy Trailblazer into four wheel drive?

To put a Chevy Trailblazer into four wheel driver, locate the four wheel drive component below the instrument panel. While the car is in drive, move the knob into the desired four-wheel drive position.

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Will 275-55-20 tires fit on a 2006 Chevy trailblazer without causing any issues?

I am looking to put 1.25 inch wheel spacers on my 04 trailblazer with 20s and the tire size is 275 55 20 will that size tire fit on my trailblazer or not?

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