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Starch is not the indicator. Iodine is the indicator of starch.

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Q: Why you use starch as an indicator?
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Related questions

What color does the indicator turn when starch is present?

Iodine is used to indicate whether starch is present in a solution. If starch IS present, the indicator will turn dark blue/black. Iodine is used to indicate whether starch is present in a solution. If starch IS present, the indicator will turn dark blue/black. FOR WHAT PURPOSE WE USE STARCH-IODINE INDICATOR PAPER

Is starch redox indicator?

Starch is a complexometric indicator.

What chemical indicator do you use for starch?

Iodine is a good reagent.

How does a indicator can be used to determine if starch the diffuses through the membrane into the beaker?

Lugol's Iodine, a starch indicator solution, can be used to determine if the starch has diffused through the membrane. If the indicator comes in contact with starch it will turn black.

What is the Role of indicator?

indicator help us find out find out which molecules diffused and which didn't.... for example: starch indicator indicate starch......and.......glucose indicator indicate glucose.

Why starch is used as indicator in iodometric titration?

Starch is not used in order to do this. This is because starch is able to form a complex along with the iodine and this is the indicator.

What is the role of an indicator in the titration process?

indicator help us find out which molecules diffused and which didn't for ex: starch indicator indicate starch and glucose indicator indicate glucose.

What is observed when there is a positive test for starch using the starch indicator?

When there is a positive test for starch using the starch indicator you will observe a color change. The color changes from amber to blue black.

What chemical is used as a chemical indicator for the presence of starch?

You may want to use iodine.

What is the indicator and color change for a positive test for starch?

Use Lugol's Iodine to test for starch. Substances that react positively should turn black.

When starch indicator is used what observation would indicate the presence of starch?


Is there a chemical reaction between glucose solution and starch indicator solution?

yes there is a reaction between glucose solution and starch indicator.

What color occurs when the indicator is added and starch is added?

when starch indicator is added, the solution turns from dark blue-black to colourless.

What is the indicator solution for starch?

Iodine solution is an efficient indicator for starch. It will go from a light brown colour to a black colour if starch is present and will stay light brown if no starch is present. Hope this Helps!

What is the indicator for starch?


What is iodine an indicator for?


What turns color in the presence of starch?

Iodine -- it is used as a starch indicator.

Why do you use starch to standardise sodium thiosulphate using potassium iodate?

The iodine produced from the KIO3 reacts with the starch to produce the blue black colour used as the indicator

How starch indicator is prepared in lab?

To prepare 1% starch indicator weigh 1g of starch powder.Measure 100ml of water and keep it for using some of 100ml water taken,make a paste of starch in watchglass and mix this paste with little and continuous strring of water which is kept for heating.when all the paste is added,allow for heating 5more minutes then starch indicator is ready for titration.Note:no lumps of starch should present in water

What is the structure of the starch indicator?


What indicator tests for starch?


Chemical indicator for starch?


For what purpose you use starch-iodine indicator paper?

it is used to indicate acidic radicals which reacts with the iodide solution.

What will happen if you pour starch indicator solution into the cell and filled the beaker with starch and glucose solution?

The starch indicator solution will diffuse out of the bag (cell) into the beaker, changing the color of the starch solution to a blue, purple, or black color (assuming that it's iodine). The color of the indicator solution inside the bag will not change, because only the glucose can diffuse into the bag, but the starch cannot diffuse into the bag.

How do you overcome the disadvantages of starch indicator?

All the alpha amylase molecules should rupture . Boil water and then add to the boiling water required starch. Make sure that the starch is alpha and not beta amylase. Use freshly prepared starch solution for iodometric titrations. --unnikrishnan