Why younger sisters are so mean to older sisters?

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It a proven fact younger sisters are always a little mean or annoying to the older siblings and the older siblings are always a little bossy or controlling over there younger siblings. Don't worry your not the only one with an annoying little sibling!
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Why are little sisters so mean?

I have a little sister and a big sister. i liked it when my big sister was nice to me. I try to do this with my little sister but sometimes I want to strangle her. Ask her if there is a problem. If there isn't theyre probably being mean because your mean to them too. Talk about it and get a truce. i ( Full Answer )

Why are older sisters mean?

Because when they're feeling down they need to make fun of someone to feel good about themselves. They like the feeling as if they're in a higher position than someone because it makes them feel good. They feel as if they could just boss younger sisters because they're older. They like seeing that t ( Full Answer )

Why are older sisters so annoying?

Well I have two older sister and I think it is because they are so jelouse of you and they show it through teasing you but think of it as a privalidge cause you probably get things that they want so you can tease them by using all the things they want and you got they will calm down after that. t ( Full Answer )

Why are older sisters so mean?

because like they know their older they start to boss u around n say bad stuff.Like my big sister she says things to me but in spanish like pee face n stupid and more.N like she don't know inglesh much i say bad thing in front of her when she says stuff to me and the reason of them being so mean n r ( Full Answer )

Are younger sisters annoying or older sisters more annoying?

Older sisters can be that way.Sometimes they feel responsible for you, sometimes they just want to control you, sometimes they just want to annoy you. Most of the annoyance stems from love of their little sister. Any person who is a little older and has experienced life a bit more, feels compelled t ( Full Answer )

Which siblings are usually nicer younger sisters younger brothers older brothers or older sisters?

There is no way to answer this as there is no generalizing siblings and the way they treat one another. Each individual and their situations are different. Older siblings will respect and be kind to you if you act maturely and do not bother them with things they think are silly or unecessary. Yo ( Full Answer )

Why are younger sisters so annoying?

b/c they r now deal w/ that you big fat ugly butt good 4 nothing loser if you ask this question again it means that you really don't have a life which is funny cause since you already asked it, it means that you don't have a life 2 begin w/ i so hope that didn't help pce out suck ( Full Answer )

Why is my sister so mean?

If she is the older sister, then she is mean because she wants to make herself feel superior over you, thinking that she is the best and to make you feel like crap. You are not crap, and try to tell her in a calm matter. If that doesn't work, just ignore her because she's doing everything she can to ( Full Answer )

Why is your sister so mean to you?

your sister is most likely going through puberty . When going through puberty she changes. You might not like it but try and cope with her . Sometimes she might be on her period and doesn't want to be bothered . No matter what always know your sister loves you.

Why does my older sister hit me and my younger sister?

Your sister is wrong to hit you. Ask her why do you hit us? If she's way out of hand tell your parents, a guardian or a relative that can help you and your younger sister but get help as quick as possible.

Why are older brothers mean to their younger sisters?

Because they think they are more mature and find little sisters annoying. Well it depends, what do you mean by brothers being mean to their sisters. my brothers (I have 3) were very overprotective in a way that bothered me. Like one time one of my boyfriends came to pick me up to go to the par ( Full Answer )

Why are big sisters so mean?

Because in their mind they have a lot of power being the oldest in that type of older to be oldest they think there allowed to do anything. If you need a tip I would let her be annoying but try to get the parents to see her in action. Don't be mean back. They are very annoying all the time mostly be ( Full Answer )

Why does the younger sister beat the older sister up?

The reason younger sister's beat up older sister's is because they either want attention or they are jealous. some times many of them are concided and some have anger management problems. another reason is because they are brats. eitherr way they terrible

Why are younger sisters so dumb?

sisters may seem dumb and really annoying but really they are probably the same smartness as you were when you were little. (believe me i have 3 little sisters and a little brother!) everyone gets annoyed with their little brothers and sisters but if you think about it, if you have been mean to ( Full Answer )

Are Jacob Black's sisters older or younger and what do they do?

Jacob's twin sisters, Rachel & Rebecca, are older than Jacob. Up until Breaking Dawn , Rachel was going to Washington State on a scholarship. Rebecca lives in Hawaii and is married to a Samoan surfer.. Reference page 119 & 120 of Twilight .

Why are teenage sisters so mean?

Most likely, hormonal unbalance. When you were a child, you were rowdy and noisy. Your older sister is probably annoyed at your lack of maturity. Teenage sisters are mean because they have to deal with their boyfriends and their close ones. Teenage sisters are so mean because they are on their ( Full Answer )

Older sisters are a pain younger sisters are in vain?

if you have a sister problem. the best thing to do is to egnore them if they continue then tell them to go away if its a big sister then go to your mum if shes baby siting you then you in trubble but if it's your younger sister then don't go to mum because that will make it worse the best thing to d ( Full Answer )

Why are younger sisters so bratty?

Younger sisters depend on their older siblings. But as they do; they also wish that they could be the one that someone looks up to. So in that effect, they strive to gain as much control over the older sibling as possible. Which usually ends up in their little butt's being whooped.

How do you handle a mean older sister?

By being as nice as you can. Example: If your sister insults you, simply smile and say "I am sorry you feel that way". Or kindly ask "Why do you feel the need to be so rude". Then you are the bigger person, and a lot of the time people are only mean to get a reaction out of someone. Dont give her th ( Full Answer )

How come some younger sister are taller than their older sister?

Each child that is NOT an identical twin receives a completely differant combination of genes from each parent. It is 100% random what traits will be passed on to each child, and most likely the genes given to two sisters were differant.

Why are brothers so mean to their sisters?

if the brother is older, it's because they want to boss you around. boss them back if they are younger, it makes them mad xx 2. They also just want to annoy you and see how you'l react. They like to see your reaction because they think it's funny and also fun. :( sad

Why does my younger brother hate me his older sister when he has only one?

He may just be going through stages, on the way to adulthood, or he could be jealous of your being older and having more freedom, and authority over yourself.. He could also resent you for past mistreatment, like teasing him or leaving him out of activities, or not being there when he needed someon ( Full Answer )

Why do younger brothers annoy there older sister so much?

little brothers have a mind, world, and imagination of there own, if they are annoying you then you were obviously annoying them in the past in front of your friends, or embaressing them by going on their user with an sd card of theirs and looking into their private life and getting caught by your b ( Full Answer )

How do as a younger brother you make your older sister adore or love you more?

Well, speaking from experience of being a big sister with a little brother I would say try not to annoy her too much and actually listen to her (like when she tells you to leave her alone or change the subject). We girls can be very emotional sometimes and quick to anger so just don't push her buttt ( Full Answer )

Why are younger brothers and sisters so annoying?

I have a younger brother and sister and i personally think that they are so annoying because they want to follow you. They like your ideas and they want to follow you but they are sick of you being so smart and cooler than them so they annoy you to make they seem like "the bigger person". me too my ( Full Answer )

Why is your sister being so mean to you?

Maybe there on there peirod?! dont ask them because that may make them more upset. GOOD LUCK. OR They are going through something right now and they dont want to be bothed. so stay away fron them for a lil bit. OR you got them in truble so DUH they will be mean to you...

Is Halle Berry's sister younger or older?

Halle Berry's full sister, Heidi Berry, is older than Halle. Heidi is 54 years old in 2012, Halle is 45 years old in 2012. Her half-sister, Renee Berry, is also older than Halle, at 52 years old in 2012. Halle and Renee are estranged and refuse to have a sister-relationship with each other due ( Full Answer )

Why does the older sister beat the younger sister up?

It is just a way of showing how she loves you. All older sisters do it. Sometimes when sisters fight, and say they hate them, I know they think they mean it, but they don't. If they do stuff like that, their telling them they love each other. They will always regret doing that if something happens ( Full Answer )

Are younger sisters smarter than their older brothers?

Intelligence is not determined by sex. Some younger sisters are smarter than their older brothers. Some older brothers are smarter than their younger sisters. Intelligence is not determined by sex. Some younger sisters are smarter than their older brothers. Some older brothers are smarter than thei ( Full Answer )

How do you say I have a younger sister and an older brother in Japanese?

I am not completely sure on saying "I have" though I know how to say Older Brother and Younger Sister. Older brother is Oniisan (Oh-ne-san), おにいさん, and you say Younger sister, Imooto (E-mo-o-to), いもおと. hope this helped a little!