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Why your 2001 MGM lost the high beam light?


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2006-03-19 12:35:25
2006-03-19 12:35:25

I have no answer but am perplexed by the number(s) as the number of people asking this question. What does that number mean? Thank you.


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Some energy is changed to heat and lost. The main energy is still be converted to light beam.

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Vampire High - 2001 Love's Labours Not Lost 1-17 was released on: USA: 2 March 2002

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Lost - 2001 I was released on: USA: 5 September 2001

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Yes, there is some reflected light lost at each interface, which will lower the intensity of the beam. The polarization may be affected too. Depending on the glass there might be a color shift.

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The ISBN of Lost Light is 0316154601.

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