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Q: Why your Facebook is always out of sync in Cafe World?
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How do you sync your facebook friends to your contacts?

On an iPhone, you would go to your settings and choose Facebook and then choose to sync contacts.

How do you logout of Facebook on The HTC Chacha?

menu - settings - accounts & sync - facebook - remove account

You want to join twitter through facebook is it posibble?

You must sign up on the official Twitter website. You can then sync your account to Facebook.

How do you use cheat engine on monster world?

Facebook games are online and are protected by making most data sync to the server. Using cheat engine it is not possible and is illegal.

How do you get Facebook contacts off your iPhone?

In the Facebook App go to "Sync Contacts" Turn it off and Remove Data And all your imported contacts will be removed

How do you sync your facebook contacts photos with your android contacts?

you press share then facebook then you will have to wait three hours maybe try a couple of times then it will be okay

Why does Justin Bieber always lip sync?

Because he is a terrible singer.

What is the bus that does not run in sync with the system clock?

An expansion bus doesn't run in sync with system clock. The expansion bus is always connected to the chipset's slower end.

Need to sync ipod it wont sync please help?

this have happened to me, try restarting you computer with the ipod plugged in if that doesnt make the trick reinstalling itunes always does

How do you add friends from zoosk to facebook?

Zoosk is a dating site for people and Facebook is a social media site. To add friends from one to the other you can search for their name in Facebook and send a friend request. Zoosk may ask you to sync friend and you can choose that as well.

Does Michael Jackson always lip sync?

Michael Jackson has never lip synced a day in his life

Did N sync lip sync?


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