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Repair the alternator to battery connections or replace the battery.

2006-08-10 07:54:36
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What is wrong with the battery if it wont stay charged with a new alternator on a Chrysler 5Th avenue?

Your alternator is probably rebuilt and not really new. I have had this problem several times and I have bought a new battery and alternator. The alternator keeps your battery charged and powers your electrical system, so even when driving you can lose all power in the car from the alternator draining your battery. Take the battery and alternator to an auto store and they will test both for free. Ask them about the difference in a rebuilt alternator and a brand new one. This is a very common problem.

Why would the battery die when both the battery and the alternator is new?

Alternator not working properly or not connected properly. Wherever you bought the alternator take it back and have them check to make sure it works properly. Also make sure the new battery was fully charged when you received it. HTH.

What could be wrong with 1998 Chevy lumina you had a starter alternatnor and a battey put in but the battery keep draining?

Had the same problem. Bought a re-conditioned alternator, turned out it was bad. Usually if battery draining, it's alternator or battery or both.

What is the rarest 1985 Pontiac Firebird?

Probably one with a factory 2.5L I4 engine since hardly anyone ever bought one with that engine

Bought a new car battery it lasted a couple of days now it dies what to do on a Ford Taurus wagon?

check out your alternator

Bought new battery car will not start could this be a bad alternator?

If car cranks over and won't start it is not the starter, alternator or battery. Most likely the ignition wires or module, fuel delivery system or air intake meter.

My car died while driving last night so i replaced the battery. AutoZone tested the alternator and said it was working but it was draining my battery slightly...what could be causing this?

Don't believe a word AutoZone tells you. My battery died so I went there and they tested my battery and alternator and told me it was the battery. So I bought a new battery and 2 days later, dead again. Went back and they tested again and THIS time, it was the alternator. I went nuts on them and ended up getting both my battery AND alternator for free for their mistake that left me stranded at 12am.

Why would your car battery die if you just bought a new one?

It could die if you left you car lights on or if you drove allot. If the new battery went dead then either your alternator is defective or something is on pulling power from the battery. Can be trunk, under hood, or glove box light. Can also be a relay that is sticking. Check the output of the alternator which should be 13.5 volts to 15.5 volts with the engine idling. It can also be that the new battery your bought is defective. Not likely, but possible.

You've just replaced the battery and alternator in a 1998 Ford Escort. Do you need to let it sit for the battery to charge or is there more to it?

If you replaced the battery with a brand new one, then no. The battery comes from the store with a fuul charge. If it didn't come charged up, then you have bought a defective battery.

Why won't your brand new battery stay charged on your 1987 300 zx non turbo?

First check your alternator to see if it charging the new battery. If it is, then you might have bought a bad battery. If the alternator isn't charging then you need a new one. Check your amp guage if it has one. That is the very first place I would start looking!

Why might a car not start after installing a new battery?

AnswerWithout buying expensive test equipment, you can test it by replacing the questionable part with a known good part.Answerdid you have the new batt.tested where you bought it?you can get a bad the shelf i know. starter draging.just went though this myselfEven though its a new battery, it may be the alternator!! the easiest way to check it is to get it started when running, take the negative cable or black cable off of your battery if it stays running your alternator is fine if it dies the alternator is bad!! the alternator helps keep the battery charged and going!!

Replaced a battery and hooked it up backwards it sparked and then hooked it up the proper way and the car started the next morning the battery was dead bought a new battery same thing happened help?

You hooked up the batteries in Series whch pumped allot of current thur the circuit..which probably fried the voltage regulator and probably blew the diodes on your alternator. you can have the alternator tested at an auto parts store.. but I'd replace the voltage regulator ( if its not part of the alternator ) along wth the alternator..

1988 Ford Bronco II Bought a new alternator battery charged up start the car battery light comes on then it dies what is the problem?

does your bronco have an external voltage regulator if so i would take it and have it checked

How can you tell if your battery or alternator is the reason your car will not start?

If you don't have fuel injection, pull the hot (red) post off your battery. If the car goes dead the alternator is not charging the battery.AnswerIf you have a local parts store they will test it on the car,most for free. check the spark plugs and wires, if they are faulty then it will cause your alt. not to charge, i had the same problem, i bought a new battery,got the alternator tested and it still would be dead, after i changed the spark plugs the problem disappeared(AND IT THE CHEAPEST) i did all of this in -40c weather

Why does my battery keep dying and I had a new alternator in my BMW 740IL 2001?

Could be a bad belt, if you bought a rebuilt alternator then it may not be up to snuff, you might need to replace your battery, or you might have a parasitic drain in the vehicle's electronics somewhere which has nothing to do with the alternator. Without knowing the conditions under which it occurs, or why you had the alternator replaced in the first place (namely, whether you actually diagnosed it or just threw a part at it), it's a bit impossible to narrow it down.

2001 Camry you bought used the battery light flickers and sometimes stays solid you had a diagnostic check done at a local auto store and the battery and alternator checked What is next?

Alternator output post is rusted / corroded. Plastic cover may display melting. Mine was rusted and changing the cable terminal did not provide a long term solution. Ended up replacing alternator and cable.

How do you get the battery light to go off when you replace the alternator in 1999 ford windstar?

I have a 99 Windstar and when my mechanic replaced the alternator the battery light would not go out he took back about 2 alternators, stating that the alternator was not good, because the battery light stayed on. Finally, he had the last one he put in tested and it was fine, but the battery light still came on. He called a Ford mechanic and they said you have to use a ford alternator, because the computer can not recognize other brands of alternators. Once he did the light went out. He said occasionally it will recognize an off brand, but when it doesn't the battery light stays on and it can cause problems with the computer, and I believe he said the cyliniod could burn out. He just bought a re-built alternator from the ford dealer for about $199.00

How many flashers does a 2000 Pontiac Firebird have?

there are actually 2 flashers . I had one heck of a time finding that out, I bought a couple of flashers that the parts store told me the car had, but unbeknownest to them, there are 2. I found out by asking a mechanic at pep boys

Why would a new battery on a Chevy Celebrity show to be charging yet you cannot unhook the battery terminals as if it was not charging?

if it stalls when you remove positive battery terminal then your alternator is bad Yes, it could be the alternator, but I have an 89 Celebrity and when I first got it we had the same problem and would die out every few minutes and need a boost. We changed the alternator, did not help. We bought a Duralast Gold battery from Auto Zone which helped a little but did not fix the problem. We then took the car to an alternator repair shop called Gabby's in Knoxville TN and they replaced a large fuse under the dashboard and I never had the problem again. Cost me $5.00.

Why won't a 1998 Ford Contour 4 cylinder start and the battery light comes on after the alternator was replaced?

It could be that your battery is not getting charged by the alternator, which would be either a dead battery, a bad alternator, or a wiring issue. I'd get it checked at an actual automotive electical specialist, not at an auto parts store or a Wal-Mart-ish place. -or- Try jump starting the battery and letting it run for awhile (15-20 mins). Turn the car off then see if it starts. Did you buy the alternator new or get it at a junk yard? If new then it's probably the battery, which you can easily replace. If the alternator was bought second hand go get another one. If that doen't work then try the new battery thing. If neither of these things work, then you might consider taking it to a repair shop. If you need a specialist they will tell you, but chances are they can fix whatever problem you're having.

You have a 92 lumina van 31L it wont start or has any power you have bought a new battery weeks ago and it was fine last night it sounded as if it wanted to crank now it doesn't even make a sound what?

Batteries are just electrical storage devices. They only store what is generated elsewhere, in the case of your vehicle, the electricity is generated in the alternator. If you alternator has failed your battery will not be able to store anything. If the alternator is working but an electric component, such as a light, is left on it can use up all of the stored electricity and there will be nothing left with which to start the engine. Never replace a battery without first verifying that the alternator is working. There might be nothing wrong with the old battery and you'll have to get an alternator later anyway.

You have a 99 Monte volts light came on and you still drove then the lights flashed and everything is dead charged battery nothing new battery nothing alternator?

It is the alternator. I have a 95 Monte Carlo and this has happened to me twice in the 3 years I've had the car. Each time I had to have the alternator replaced. The first time I had a problem with the alternator I took it to a shop and had it fixed. Two years later the alternator went out again without warning. That time we took it to a different shop and bought a new alternator with a three year warranty so it'll be free if it goes out two years later again.

What is wrong with my 1985 Toyota Tercel Battery light and parking brake going on at the same time?

The same thing happened to my 1995 Tercel. I guessed that it was the Alternator. To test if it was, I disconnected the battery while the car was on, and it instantly turned off, which confirms that indeed the alternator is dead. My mechanic also confirmed it. I bought a new one for $95, and once the mechanic changed it, the lights turned off. The same thing happened to my 1995 Tercel. I guessed that it was the Alternator. To test if it was, I disconnected the battery while the car was on, and it instantly turned off, which confirms that indeed the alternator is dead. My mechanic also confirmed it. I bought a new one for $95, and once the mechanic changed it, the lights turned off.

What would make your 1999-2000 Ford Taurus shut down when driven and kills the battery?

Alternator is not recharging the battery. Have the alternator tested or test it yourself with a volt meter. You should read from 13.5 to 15.5 volts DC at the battery with the engine running. If any lower the alternator needs replacing. We had already changed the alternator, and bought a new battery. It is still doing the same thing. It will idle ok. When you drive it, you go down the road around a mile or so, and the darn thing shuts down again, and the battery is dead again. Are you sure the serpentine belt is not slipping? Did you replace the voltage regulator along with the alternator? If you answer yes to both these questions then I suspect you have the alternator wired incorrectly or the battery cables need replacing. The latter is what I suspect is the problem. You may have an internal break in one of the battery cables that just does not show up all the time. Look for a bulge in the cable especially a cable running next the the exhaust.

I just bought 2 used fuel pumps for my 95 Pontiac firebird outa camaros that that ran yet on your car it wont work is there something that i need to do to get it too run or will it work on it..?

More than likely it is the fuel pump relay that is bad.