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Yes I started with 18s now I have 20s with no rubbing

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I have a 1998 Lincoln Town Car iv been looking for a rim 225/60r16 I'm looking for aluminum any suggestions

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Q: Will 18-inch rims fit on a 1998 Lincoln Town Car?
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Is it possible to mount r15 rims on 1998 Lincoln town car?

Absolutely. Any 15 inch Ford or Lincoln rim with the same bolt pattern can be mounted on the vehicle you describe. If, however, you currently have larger rims on the car, your current tires will not be able to be swapped to the smaller rim. But i have a 2001 Lincoln town car and i cant mount a r15 rims because brakes are too big and i cant mount smaller rim than r16. So did 1998 town car has the same brake diameter like 2000 or 2001 town car?

2000 Lincoln ls you want to up grade and put 18inch rims on your car what bolt pattern N offset will fit your car?

5x108 with +35/+40 offset

Can 24inch rims fit on a 2003 Lincoln town car?

yea they will

Can 24' rims fit on a 1988 Lincoln Town Car?


Will 22 inch rims fit on 1994 Lincoln town car?

yes it will i did it

Can you put 22 inch rims on your Lincoln Town Car?

oh yes

How do you put 20 inch rims on a Lincoln Town Car?

You put 20 inch rims on a Lincoln Town Car by jacking the vehicle up and removing the old wheels. Depending on the model, a lift kit may have to be installed before mounting the 20 inch rims onto the vehicle.

Will 26 inch rims fit on a 1995 Lincoln Town Car?

Yes 26,s will fit on a 1995 Lincoln.

Can you replace low profiles with standard tires on 18inch rims?

of coarse but they would probably rub the innerwells

What cars take a tire 225 60 16?

Most 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victorias, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Cars with 16" Steel and Aluminum Rims.

Will 22 rims fit on your 1998 Lincoln Continental?

Yes they will fit... but tires will need to be as small as possible.

What kind of rims will fit on a 1991 Lincoln town car?

any kind that's 5-lug and or 5x5.4

Would it look funny if you have only the fronttires lifted on your 2001 Lincoln town car on 24 inch rims?


Can 24-inch rims fit on a 1998 Lincoln navigator?

Yes with a size 305/40 24 TIRE

Will 28 inch rims fit on an Lincoln navigator?

Yes 28 inch rims fit a Lincoln navigator

Will 1998 ford Taurus rims fit a 1998 sebring?


Will 20 inch rims fit on a 2000 Lincoln Town car without a lift kit?

yes and 22s can fit with low profile tires only

Can rims from a 1998 Toyota Camry fit on a 1994 Lexus GS 300?

No, rims from a 1998 Toyota Camry will not fit on a Lexus GS 300. Rims are not interchangeable from a Toyota to a Lexus at all.

Will 2006 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS custom rims fit on your 2000 Lincoln ls?

Yes, 2006 Monte Carlo SS rims fit on a 2000 Lincoln ls.

Will pt cruiser rims fit on a town and country?


How big of rims can go on a 2000 Lincoln LS?

i purchased rims for my daughters Lincoln ls and was told I could only go as big as a 20" But you can put spacers and get 22s on there pretty easily

Widest rim for srt-4 neon?

It all depends on if you lower you car or not...I myself have 18inch rims but plan to lower my car....ive heard much bigger than that and your tires will be scraping.

Can you apply a lift kit to a 1998 Chevrolet Malibu for 22 inch rims?

Wat kind of lift kit I need to put rims on a 1998 Chevy malibu

Can you fit 22inch rims on a 1997 Lincoln Town Car without a lift kit?

yes u can! i have a 2000 town car with 22's... u dont need a lift unless u get 23's and higher rims.... just in ur wondering i have 265/35 22 size tires and those are pretty thick tires!

Can 20 rims fit on a 95 Lincoln Mark VIII?