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Yes, they will bolt on, but no, they will not work. They are intended for a reverse flow cooling system, and also the intake bolt pattern is different from the pre-86 small blocks.


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On the engine block. where on engine block?

The small block chevy turns in a clockwise rotation.

The block heater cord is on the Engine Block Heater on the 2007 Chevy Optra.

Many. 348 would be a small block, whereas the 454 is a big block.

You can't... There's not enough steel in the cylinders to bore it that far. If you want a 454, you need to by a big block 454 Chevy engine.

No it is not an interference engine.

Yes it will, It should already have a small block Chevy in it , if it's a V8.

The engine block keeps combustion controlled in the chamber instead of exploding the engine apart. It also helps with cooling and provides a platform for your other engine parts.

in the middle of the engine block under the whatchamacallit in the middle of the engine block under the whatchamacallit

there is a serial number stamp on the engine block(block-bottom half of engine)it is on the front,on the left or rihgt side

There is one on each side of the engine block just above were the oil pan bolts to the engine. The plugs are in the center of the block on both sides.

The 400 Chevy is a small block engine. The 400 BIG BLOCK Chevy does not exist! 402 big block Chevy does. it seems in the early 70s Chevy put 402s in their pick ups and they had 400 badges. this opened the can of worms known as the non-existant big block 400.

Every Chevrolet V-6 engine block has a metal plate attached to the engine block, listing the specifics of the engine. The casting numbers should be on the engine block plate.

The engine block coolant drain plug on 4.3 liter Chevy Blazer is located on the bottom of the engine, near the oil filter. It allows coolant to be completely drained from the block during maintenance.

400 small block 2brl was the basic engine with a 454 big block optional

A bare 283 Chevy engine block with no heads or rotating assembly, aprox 150 lbs.

Chevy never made a 397, it was a 396 big block engine.

Mounted on the front side of the engine block.

One can purchase a Chevrolet small-block engine from the original manufacturer or your local car dealer. One can also purchase a small-block engine from eBay.

Why a Chevy Big Block of Course.

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