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Q: Will 1 1987 transmissionand transfer case with a z24i interchange with a 1992 with a ka24e both are Nissan pickups with 4-cylinder?
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What other years and models will interchange with a 1996 Blazer headlight assembly?

95&97 s-10 blazers and s-10 pickups.

What is Seat in coach basis?

SIV (SEAT IN VEHICLE): This mode of transfer does pickups from your location like Airport and has drop offs along the way. Same applies for pickups from Hotel / Resort back to the destination like airport with pickups along the way.

How electric guitar works?

you hit the strings , they vibrate the vibrations are picked up by the guitar "pickups" the pickups transfer the information to the amplifier and out of the amplifier comes the sound without an amplifier you got a really fancy and quiet acoustic guitar.

Is silversun pickups christian band?

No, Silversun Pickups is indie.

How many pickups do most electric guitars have?

2 pickups

What is the most expensive price for Gibson Pickups?

Gibson Pickups are a type of guitar. Depending on the exact type, the prices can climb into the thousands for particular Gibson Pickups. Gibson pickups are very unique.

How does the sound from an electric guitar transfer into the amp?

The pickups are magnetic. The strings are made out of nickel and/or steel - magnetic metals. When the strings vibrates above the pickups it creates a small electrical current. This passes down to the cable to the amplifier where it's amplified and created into sound via speaker.

Can you install active pickups on a guitar with and active circuitry and passive pickups?


How many different guitar pickups are there?

There are thousands or maybe more different pickups.

When was Lundgren guitar pickups created?

Lundgren guitar pickups was created in 1990.

Are ibanez G10 bass pickups passive or active?

The G10 has passive pickups. Active pickups require 9V batteries. No batteries required on the G10.

What are active pickups?

Active pickups have 9 or 18 volt battery passive has no battery

What are the safety rankings for used Toyota pickups compared to Dodge pickups?

safety rankings for used Toyota pickups compared to Dodge pickups tend to change from year to year. It depends on the year make and model of the vehicle you are trying to compare.

Does Budget Tuck Rental offer F250 diesel pickups?

At the present time budget does not offer F250 diesel pickups. There are other great pickups available for rent.

What is a passive pickup on a guitar?

Most pickups are passive but over the last several years active pickups (powered by batteries) have become popular with some players (like David Gilmour). EMG pickups are some of the more popular active pickups.

What is the best silversun pickups song?

By far, the best Silversun Pickups song is Catch and Release.

What are strat pickups involving guitars?

One can find out about strat pickups involving guitars by going to the Sheptone website. The Sheptone website has a wealth of information about guitars, including about strat pickups.

Does EMG make good pickups?

EMG pickups are good if you want a heavy and fat, distorted sound.

Should you buy a mim ash telecaster or replace the pickups on your rg 321 mh?

for practicality, replace the pickups. but i seldom mess around with the pickups, so if it was me i would go and buy the tele

Which guitarists use EMG humbucker pickups?

They have that huge list at their website: I strongly recommend these pickups.

What pickups went into a 1995 strat plus?

The Fender Strat Plus used Lace Sensor pickups in 1995.

Where can you find pickups to squire precision basses?

Most electric guitar and bass companies will have replacement pickups for fender basses. You can use any passive precision bass pickups to replace the ones found in your squier. Seymour Duncan always makes decent replacement pickups for a reasonable price. I've used many auction sites to procure lightly used or new pickups for repairs.

Is it a good idea to purchase used guitar pickups?

Buying used guitar pickups is something you want to be really careful about. Unless you know the person selling the pickups, and the guitar it (or they) used to be on, it may not be wise to buy them. If the previous user is just changing them because he wants something different, that's one thing, but do you know why he is changing his pickups? Did one go bad for some reason? Unless you know about the condition and quality of the pickups, it may be best to spend the extra money on new pickups.

Can you install active pickups on a guitar that comes with passive pickups?

Yes. Call music places and ask them if you don't believe me

Can you put new pickups on a Peavey Patriot?

You can put new pickups on pretty much any solid bodied guitar.