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Whats causing the drivers side fuel injector pulse voltage higher than 1.0V on an '88 BMW 750il v12 engine?

Thanks for your time!Right when I start the engine, the voltage on all 6 injectors on driver�s side (left side) are 2.5v - 2.8v and on the passengers side (right side) are all .5v - .6v. A 1988 750il v12 has two ECM (elec. control module), thinking the injectors get voltage from them, I switched them and still getting the same voltage from both sides. I put new oxygen sensors. Any suggestion exactly what sensor is bad? Also, I put 12 new injectors, will 2.5v damage them? Where can I find the "computer timer controls?"Again, I�d like to thank you for a quick answer. I appreciate your time.Look for it!One injector or all? A computer timer controls the voltage to the injectors. Compare the time length of the pulse. Are they being opened longer than the left bank? There may be a bad sensor on the right bank causing the computer to open those injectors longer for a richer mix.

What is more dangerous high voltage or low voltage?

All voltages are dangerous As to what can do more damage then the higher the voltage is the more damage it can do.

Why relay coils produce high voltage spikes when they are switched off?

When relay is turned the magnetic field that surrounds the coil collapses. When the current goes down rapidly the voltage goes up rapidly. A diode is placed across the coil, to dissipate this spike in voltage, in order to prevent damage to semiconductor components.

What damage is caused to fuel injectors when ran out of gas?

I never heard of any fuel injectors getting damaged from running out of gas.

What will happen to the engine if you put diesel into petrol engine?

what it will do is damage your injectors unless u take it right to a mechanic to get the injectors cleaned

What is the definition of 'damage control'?

Damage control is keeping damage under control. It is however not the "prevention" of therefore said damage, it only the "containment" of the said damage.

What are the release dates for Damage Control - 2005 Damage Control - 1.4?

Damage Control - 2005 Damage Control - 1.4 was released on: USA: 27 March 2005

What are the release dates for Damage Control - 2005 Damage Control 1-4?

Damage Control - 2005 Damage Control 1-4 was released on: USA: 27 March 2005

Who maintains the master damage control book onboard the ship?

Damage control assistant

Why you use cartridge fuse in control circuit of motor?

It is proper "control sense" to fuse the control circuit. It does not have to be just a cartridge fuse, in many cases it is a breaker. Depending on where the control voltage is obtained from, transformer from the incoming motor feed, separate source, or line voltage, there is always a chance that a component of the control circuit could fail, circuit protection would lessen the damage to other equipment in the control circuit. The fuse should be sized as close to the control current as possible.

When was Damage Control - company - created?

Damage Control - company - was created in 2004.

How does a generator damage electronics?

A generator does not damage electronics it produces voltage to operate electronic equipment.

What is peak inverse voltage with reference to diodes?

The maximum voltage which can apply When diode in reverse bias..if it is exceed that voltage the diode may get damage.

What is the peak inverse voltage?

The maximum reverse bias voltage a PN junction can take without damage.

What officer is the ship's damage control officer?

Chief Engineer and assisted by the DCA (Damage Control Assistant)

What does the voltage rating of a capacitor mean?

The voltage rating of a capacitor is the maximum amount of voltage that the capacitor can hold. Exceeding this rating may damage the capacitor.

What is Lightning impulse withstand voltage?

The instantaneous voltage rating of a given insulation sytem. In the case of a lightning strike, it is very high voltage but only for a split second. The insulation is designed to handle this rated voltage for a split second without damage to the apparatus. Any longer, and damage would result.

What is knee voltage and breakdown voltage?

Knee voltage (cut in voltage) :-The forward voltage at which the current through the P-N Junction starts increasing rapidly is called as Cut in voltage or knee voltage Breakdown voltage :-It is the minimum reverse voltage at which the P-N Junction can conduct without damage to the current

What actors and actresses appeared in Damage Control - 2008?

The cast of Damage Control - 2008 includes: Jan Sharp

What is the practical purpose of a voltage converter?

A voltage converted can allow you to use electronics from other countries that you wouldn't normally use. Also, incorrect voltage can damage machines.

What is a maximum voltage across a resistor?

The voltage across the resistor is whatever voltage is applied. The only maximum here would be a voltage that would damage the resistor. If you think this might happen, you'll have to look up such a voltage from the data sheets.

How do you play guild wars?

You control characters and level them up to 20 fighting monsters and collecting items. You have 8 skills available at anytime that can be switched around. These skills you use in battle to do various things damage/healing/buffs/curses.

What does the voltage regulator do on a generator?

A voltage regulator controls the output voltage of a generator. This ensures only the specified ÊvoltageÊis supplied thus preventing damage to the circuit and other electrical appliances.Ê

What is a major disadvantage of series circuits?

voltage continausly decreases, and therefor all equipments will get voltage lower than rated, this low voltage may damage them or equipment will not work properly.

What voltage is sufficient to damage a computer component?

500 WATS of econometric energy

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