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Will 92 Chevy s-10 motoer fit into a Chevy s-10 94?



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Are the engine sizes the same?Chevy put a few different engines in the S-10.In most cases as long as the body style is not to different the swap should be ok.If the engine is a 4.3L you will have a lot of tight work as the engine is about crammed into these trucks.You will be in there a good 6-8 hours removing the engine.

What you need to insure is that all your sensors can swap from engine A to engine B.Also if the engines are of diffent sizes you have more work ahead as you may have a computer swap on your hands as well. There are groups of Chevy owners that mod many a Chevy.You can get that info by searching in any search engine like yahoo or Google and finding V8 mods for them.