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Now that the Black Ice tour was completed in 2010, we can only hope that the rumor or speculation generated from Malcolm Young is correct. Stating that they expect to create another album and tour sometime after. A lot of the issues now concerning the band, is the willingness of singer Brian Johnson to continue on. Seems to be lots of talk of him wanting to retire. But the rest of the band has been quoted in saying, "we will never allow that to happen". We can only hope they will tour again, and soon. Stay tuned.

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Are ACDC going on tour again?


Will acdc go on tour again?

the answer to this qustion is sadley no they wont they are way to old

Will acdc tour after their 09 tour?

There are dates for early 2010, but it is for the same tour. However, a tour after that has not been announced, so nobody knows. Consider this though, Angus is 54 and Brian is in his 60's, so It is hard to imagine if they will tour be able to tour again.

Who is the opening act for the ACDC concert?

i know the acdc concert i was at on their world tour it was the subways they are pretty good!

What band is opening for the acdc black ice tour?

The Answer

When did ACDC last tour OZ?

late march 2009it was the black ice tour

Did chris slade tour with acdc on flyย on the wall tour?

No, Chris toured with them on the Razors Edge tour.

What band opens for acdc black ice tour?


Will ACDC tour again in 2012?

AC/DC has not announced any tour dates for 2012. A new album has been said to be coming from Brian Johnson and Angus Young. There will likely be a tour for the new album either in late 2012 or 2013.

Where do acdc band members live?

when they arent on tour they live in Australia

When did the band ACDC end?

They didnt, AC/DC are still on tour.

When did ACDC disband?

When Brian Johnson quit after the black ice tour

How did acdc split?

They did not split, they are on tour promoting their new CD Black Ice.

When did acdc stop playing?

They havent, currently they are on their black ice world tour.

Is acdc still in concert?

Yes, but the black ice tour ends this year.

When will acdc tour again?

Well i had heard earlier that ACDC would be releasing a new album within the next month or so, called "strap it on", and they might promote it with a tour. AC/DC will tour most likely after their new album is released. Whatever! it is Black ice! There touring Auckland NZ. You can check out their tour dates at the stub hub link:

Who opened for ACDC October 1985 fly on the wall tour?

I think it was Vinny Vincent.

Is ACDC on Guitar Hero world tour?

Yes, but why cant you just play and find out!

Is Brian Johnson of ACDC dead?

no hes still on tour with ac/dc at the moment

Can you play rock band acdc with guitar hero world tour guitar on the wii?


Will ACDC ever retire?

its me Angus Young telling you that ACDC wont retire until me or melcom dies. me and the boys hope that all you ACDC fans will try to get tickets to our new tour albam Black Ice and our new song Rock n Roll trian get tickets at ACDC .com I will have more info about the tour and new albam next week keep checking in here at Wiki Rock on fans and young guitarest

Who is supporting acdc on their Black Ice Tour in Ireland?

The awnser and the blizzards supported AC/DC in Ireland.

How do you get acdc tickets?

ticket master , your local acid rock radio station , but they need to be on tour first

How rich are acdc?

Well, just from their 2010 Black Ice Tour (not including 2008 or 2009) they made about $117,000,000.

Are AcDc still together?

Yes AC/DC are still together, they are currently on their black ice world tour.