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yes, it can give a false negative.

  • However, it is an FDA category C medication. Studies have not been done in humans. However, animal studies have shown that amphetamines may increase the chance of birth defects if taken during the early months of pregnancy.

In addition, overuse of amphetamines during pregnancy may increase the chances of a premature delivery and of having a baby with a low birth weight. Also, the baby may become dependent on amphetamines and experience withdrawal effects such as agitation and drowsiness.

A: No, Adderall should definetly not affect a pregnancy test, however if you are in fact pregnant, you need to talk to your doctor about minimizing or gradually stopping the Adderall, because it can affect the growth of the baby.
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Q: Will Adderall affect the results of a pregnancy test?
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Soma can it affect periods or pregnancy test results?


Will water on a pregnancy test affect the results?

No. only large amount of water will affect the result of pregnancy test.

Does smoking weed affect pregnancy test results?

Pregnancy tests check levels of perticular hormones. Smoking marijuana does not affect hormone levels in the body. So to answer your question, no it wont affect the results of a pregnancy test.

Will taking antidepressants affect pregnancy test results?


Can you urine infection affect pregnancy test results?


What could affect the positive results for a pregnancy test?

A medication with HCG will effect the pregnancy test results. Nothing else apart from this will effect a test result.

Can antibiotics cause false pregnancy?

Antibiotics do not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. Pregnancy test results are quite specific.

Can you get negative pregnancy test results if your periods are irregular?

irregular periods doesn't affect a pregnancy test result

Can drug use affect the results of a pregnancy test?

The instructions on the home pregnancy test I checked say that the only drug that should affect your test is if you get an HCG shot.

Could bleeding affect results of pregnancy test?

Idon't no

Does UTI medication effect results of pregnancy test?

No, neither UTI nor antibiotics affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test.

Could a UTI change the results of your pregnancy test?

No, UTIs do not affect the accuracy of pregnancy tests.

Will spotting affect the results of a HPT home pregnancy test?

No it wont.

Can a herpes outbreak affect the results of blood pregnancy test?

Definately not.

Can urine from toilet affect a pregnancy test?

For the most accurate results, the only urine that should touch the pregnancy test should be you.

Does the contraceptive implant affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test?

Pregnancy tests check for hCG, a hormone produced in pregnancy but not found in the contraceptive implant. Nexlanon, Implanon, and Norplant will not affect the results of a blood or urine pregnancy test.

Can cortisone affect the results of a pregnancy test?

I'm wondering the same thing =\

Does taking the antibiotic azithromycin effect the results on a home pregnancy test?

Azithromycin won't affect a pregnancy test; pregnancy tests are dependant on hormone levels and azithromycin antibiotic doesn't affect hormone levels.

Can bipolar disorder affect pregnancy test results?

No it cant it can have a affect on the babys personality when it gets older

Does any drug that you use affect the results of a pregnancy test?

The major one that would affect a pregnancy test is HCG, which is used during infertility treatments, it's the same hormone your body produces during pregnancy and it's the hormone the home test is looking for. other than that medications do not affect the outcome of a home pregnancy test. ~pawsalmighty

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Can blood pressure medication affect the results of a pregnancy test?

no, blood preasure and pregnancy have nothing in common unless you are pregnate and have high blood preasurethe pregnancy test has no effects from the medicine

Will caffeine affect a pregnancy test?

Caffeine itself will not alter the results of a pregnancy test. However, caffeine is a diuretic, which can dilute the urine. This may make it more difficult for a urine-dependent pregnancy test to detect the pregnancy hormones. For the most accurate results, perform a pregnancy test when you first urinate in the morning. Your urine will be most concentrated at that point in the day and the test will be more accurate.

How do you tell if your pregnant while on implanon?

Take a pregnancy test to determine if you're pregnant while on the contraceptve implant. The implant does not affect the results of a pregnancy test.

Can high white blood cell count affect pregnancy test?

No. It does not affect your pregnancy test. You do pregnancy test on your urine.

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