Will California legalize pot in November?

They might, though it would only be a symbolic victory. Even if they legalized it for the entire state, their law would not change federal law that says it is illegal.

However, it is possible that the state really doesn't want that. Sure, the medical marijuana thing helped the economy, but it also became a cover for recreational use, and criminal activity moved into the medical marijuana business. Recently, a grower was tortured and dismembered by several men, all because they thought he had a lot of money he did not really have. Or take the speed that the dispensaries popped up. Just one city had 2000-3000 shortly after it started. Now, you don't see 3000 pharmacies being in any city, so that must tell you something about the usage. So if they legalize it, they would need something like a "medallion system" similar to how many cities regulate taxicabs or nursing home care.