Will Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharge state sales tax?

Absolutely not.

Even in the BKs with the highest powered of lawyers...and Corporations....the last things done before filing BK is pay the sales and withholding taxes!

In most all states or taxing jurisdictions, (with California being one large notable exception), these are not taxes on "you", but money the business collects from others (customers or employees) on behalf of the State. They are trust funds....they not only won't ever be discharged....they carry direct, pierce any corporate shield, to the officers and involved parties, responsibility. Better take care of them one way or another ASAP. In the few places they may be legally considered the responsibility of the vendor, they may be discharged in the BK, (as situational as anything else), and would be a priorty claim and even allowed an extended bar date for filing a proof of claim.