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Will Chevy Camaro rims fit your 1990 Chevy c1500?


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no the camaro wheels are 5x4.75 and the truck is 5x5. so they wont fit

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im pretty sure any 5 lug GM rim is interchangable with any other 5 lug GM vehicle

NO! buy a stupid donk to put ignorant ghetto rims on. don't ruin a camaro.

No, Car and truck rims have a different bolt patteren.

Not without modification (... but WHY?)

Not without modification (... but WHY?)

Rims for Camaro wheels can be found in multiple store that sell rims and custom wheels. Chevy can sell them online as well in their factory. Another good place would be to look at an auto shop.

Yes, but 1991 rims will NOT fit a 1993 camaro

do you have a picture of a 90s modle chevy van on 22 inch rims

NO. Car and truck wheel patterns are DIFFERENT

No they will not, the achieva has a bolt pattern of 5 lug on 100mm whereas the camaro is 5 lug on 4 3/4"

No, Not not without cutting out a lot of body metal, and you are sick for thinking such things

The Camaro rims are 16x8. A very nice upgrade. It will work great on a 2wd with 2.25" spacers. I'm not sure on the s10 4x4 though..... from what I've heard you can run without the spacers.

All 6 lug Chevy rims, Will fit any 1990 and up trucks.

There are several good tire shops in the Los Angeles area. I would suggest checking out American Tire Depot (323) 661-8473 is a great site to find camaro tires and wheels for sale. Aftermarket rims for a chevy camaro aren't hard to find. You can go to any tire and rim store. If you want chevy brand rims, you will have to visit the chevy dealer.

Ok funny enough I also have a 94 Camaro and a 91 s-10 lol I did switch them out once when i got bored...not to happy with the results. The camaro rims just did not seem to go with the trucks look. On the other had the truck rims looks awesome on the Camaro.

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Is it Coble rims fit on a Chevy S 10

There are many types of 4x4 rims that are suitable for a Chevy Blazer. The 4x4 rims that are suitable for a the vehicle known as a Chevy Blazer are the Capital Factory Wheel rims.

Not without modification (... but WHY?)

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