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Will Chyna come back to the WWE and why did she leave?

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June 01, 2012 12:09AM

chyna got fired she said it on the surreal life


chyna was fired because she was sick of being treated like a man in the wwe/f. she argued with vince mcChman until he fired her......incase u didnt notic, her theme said "dont treat me like a woamn dont treat me like a man" (lie/truth)


How could someone who dresses like that be treated like a man.


It was said that she was having problems handling the whole HHH and Stephanie relationship since she and HHH had been dating previously. So she quit or got fired for not handling the situation. This is from a backstage source.

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hi i work with the wwe chyna got fired she wasnt that smart


She had been dating HHH. He get with Steph firstly as a storyline, but then also in real life. He never really "ended" things with Joanie (Chyna) but split up sorta just cos he was seeing Steph.

She didn't take this well and seems to have a "world is out to get me" attitude to most things. However, it's claimed that life was made pretty uncomfortable for her backstage. Her storylines were being reduced to mockeries, and her blatant steroid usage didn't sit well with the WWF at the time.

She wasn't "fired" per-se, but it was made obvious that she wasn't wanted.

Chyna left world wrestling federation because she was being treated like a man there was a confrontation between her and former women's champion Ivory they confronted each over poorly cheating Ivory broke chynas neck surverly she began doing pornography and is very popular as a porn star now.