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when did the cell phone come out

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Q: Will Cricket the cell phone company come out with smartphones PDAs?
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How do smartphones differ from PDAs?

Smartphone combine the functions of a PDA with cell phone functions. PDAs can also be used along with a cellphone but most people are converitng to the two in one smartphone.

What are the most common forms of pdas?

The most common forms of PDAs are Smartphones, palm PDAs and pocket PCs.

Do non-cell phone PDAs have any advantages over smartphones such as the iPhone or Blackberry?

they are just like mini computers

Are PDAS and smartphones are also called handhelds?


The most widely used handheld computer would be a?

PDAs and smartphones.

Convergence has led manufacturers to refer to PDAs and smartphones simply as?


What are PDAs and smartphones consider as?

PDA works like smart phone, It can also read and write emails as well sending, manage office documents, and also have map locator.

Give you an example of PDA?

PDA = Personal Digital AssistantToday's smartphones can be seen as the successors of the earlier PDAs, which were small, hand-held computers, but without a built-in phone.

Are subnotebooks are more powerful than PDAs or smartphones and can they run a full-featured operating system?


Is there still a place in this world for handheld PDAs?

Due to smartphones, PDA's are harder to find these days. There are some places that still sells handheld PDAs. One can most likely find them on websites such as Amazon and eBay.

When did Psion start making PDAs?

The company 'Psion' started making PDAs in 1980 when the company was set up in London, England. They have over 900 employees and currently John Conoley is the CEO.

What do PDAs usually use for storage?

Older PDAs typically used a combination of ROM (which cannot be edited) and RAM (which is volatile memory). If they lost all power, the user's files and programs would be wiped, and only the base software would be available. Newer PDAs and smartphones typically use Flash memory (which is non-volatile). If power is lost, these devices continue to hold user information.

Is a palm a smartphone?

As long as you have a Palm phone, then it should be a smart phone. The original Palm Pilots, however, were just handheld PDAs.

What is a PDA?

A personal digital assistant (PDA) is a handheld computer also known as palmtop computers. Newer PDAs also have both color screens and audio capabilities, enabling them to be used as mobile phones, (smartphones), web browsers, or portable media players. Many PDAs can access the Internet, intranets or extranets via Wi-Fi, or Wireless Wide-Area Networks (WWANs). Many PDAs employ touch screen technology.

Disadvantages of pdas?

The disadvantages of a PDA would be that it does not make phone calls. Also, you must remember to put the information in it or it will be useless.

What is a PDA device?

A PDA is a personal digital assistant. It is a handheld computer device with a touchscreen for connecting to the Internet, making a calendar, and listening to music, among other features. PDAs have largely become obsolete with the advent of affordable smartphones.

What types of PDAs are there?

The palm PDAs are the most popular type/what started it all. There are tons of 3rd party apps for these and they are compatible with both Windows and Mac desktops using Palm Desktop. It is equipt with handwriting recognition or "graffiti". They are small in size and can come with extra memory cards or you can buy them for more storage. Pocket PDAs - pocket versions of Microsoft applications. Sync Outlook with your Windows PC. 3 different handwriting-recognition applications. Maximized display size. Microsoft Media Player equip so you can watch and listen to media formats. Smartphones� many don't think they are PDAs because they don't look like it; they look like a phone. Nevertheless they are PDA based. Basically these are cell phones with all of the PDA capabilities. It's the best of both worlds. They are compatible with a number of different operating systems so it makes the term "pocket computer" really make sense.

What Verizon cellphones require internet?

All PDAs, Smartphones, and Blackberry phones require a data package of $29.99 or more. The Samsung Rogue and LG EnV Touch also require a subscription to a $9.99 or $19.99 data package or they can be put on a Connect or Premium plan.

When does a cell phone become obsolete?

When the US becomes a giant Wi-Fi zone and everyone uses Skype on really small laptops/PDAs

Where can I find cheap cell phone pdas?

The best phones for a reasonable prices are ones that have Android included. This includes things like the Samsung Galaxy.

Will any PDAs also play music?

PDA's that play music are not as uncommon as they use to be, however, for the best quaility check the PDA's at cell phone providers.

Where can one find handhelds and PDAs?

Handheld PDAs are available from Amazon. Alternatively you can purchase handheld PDAs from eBay and other online sites new. You can also buy them second hand from Gumtree.

What is the meaning of Palmtops and PDAs?


What brands make PDAs considered to be superior or above-average?

In my opinion, Blackberry and Palm make the most functional PDAs

Are IPAQ PDAs still being manufactured?

"IPAQ is a smart phone that was invented by Hewlett Packard. They are still being sold, and they manufactured a lot of them, so yes, they are probably still around."