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Will Dispatch the band ever reunite?


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October 02, 2007 9:42PM

Unfortunately, probably not. Each of the member's solo projects are successful and going in the direction each member wanted their project to go. One of the reasons Dispatch broke up was because each member wanted to go in their own direction and they just couldn't seem to agree. I believe they will continue playing benefit shows here and there, considering how much money they raised from the Zimbabwe shows. However, I don't believe they will be known as the band "Dispatch" again and make new studio cd's. I believe there are also reasons that people outside of the band will never know. If you're bummed about breakup of Dispatch and are looking for similar music, check out each of the member's solo projects as well as the band "Barefoot Truth," I don't think you'll be disappointed :) My personal favorite of the solo projects is State Radio. State Radio is Chad's solo project, and incorporates many elements of rock with reggae. Good stuff. State Radio is the closest to the newer stuff Dispatch wrote. I also really like Braddigan. Braddigan is, in my opinion, very close to the old Dispatch. His band plays acoustic songs that are very similar to tracks on Dispatch's first cd, Silent Steeples. It just so happens that he wrote a good number of the tracks on Silent Steeples as well. Pete Francis is the farthest strayer musically from Dispatch, but he's still quite good. His voice flows with his music very nicely. I hope you enjoy these successful current bands that are similar to Dispatch, because I do not believe they will ever reunite.