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That is an opinion question, but she is getting bigger so i think she could keep going, know one really knew who she was when she was on spy kids, and she is a really good actress.

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What hand does Emily osment write with?


Where is Emily osment right now?


Is Emily Osment right handed?


Emily osment is in what show?

Emily Osment plays Lily Trusckott on Hannah Montana. (Idk if i spelt Trusckott right!)

Is Emily Osment right or left handed?

She is right handed.

Is Emily Osment left handed?

She is right handed

Who is emily osment dating right this moment?

Emily Osment is currently in a relationship with Nathan Keyes. They began dating in early 2013, after meeting through Twitter.

What is Emily Osment doing right now?

being a clown at a rodeo

Who is prettier Emma Watson or Emily osment?

That's an opinion there is no right answer

Is Emily osment homeschool right now?

No. School is over, but yes she was home-schooled.

What is the name of Emily Osment's CD?

Emily Osment haven't released the name of her album yet, but her EPs name is All The Right Wrongs.

Will Emily osment make her own album?

Emily Osment already made two albums,1 - All the Right Wrongs,2 - Fight or Flight,i have no clue if she's going to make another one,we will have to see

Does Emily Osment Have an Album?

Yes, her album id called 'All the right wrongs'. Hope this helps :)

Did Emily Osment and Nick Jonas ever go out?

No, Emily Osment didnt go out with Nick Jonas. the reason why people think he went out with her is because they first met on a Hannah Montana episode and he thought she was cute. right now he is going out with Selena Gomez

Could Emily osment appear on ice road truckers driving one?

No. At the moment she does not have the right to drive a large truck.

Does Emily Osment have a CD?

Yes. Her EPs name is "All The Right Wrongs". She'll have another album released at the end of this summer (2010).

What is Emily Osment CD going to be called?

Emily's first album was called All The Right Wrongs. And second album called Fight Or Flight

Has Emily Osment ever been Mormon?

no, she was raised Roman Catholic EMROSE : partly yes you are mostly right but she has been a Mormon for about 3 and ahalf yearsto be exact she was her parents DID rais her Roman Catholic but her older brother Haley Jole Osment switched to Mormon when he was 14 and Emily (11) followed later in life when Emily was about 12. When Emily turned 14 and almost 15 she went back to Roman Catholic

Could Emily osment handle a normal 9 to 5 job?

Yes she could if she had to. But the job that she's doing right now ain't easy either.

What celebritys writes with their left hand?

David Henre-Left HandedEmily Osment-Left HandedJustin Bieber-Left Handedusher writes with his right hand

Is Emily osment emo because her album All the right wrongs has pretty sad lyrics.?

no but she sometimes acts like it and she looks like somebody that might be goth or emo.

What songs does Emily Osment have a CD?

Emily osment has a CD that is called All The Right Wrongs. Which has six songs, but the European and Japanese CD has six + two bonus-songs. 1 All The Way Up 2 Average Girl 3 Found Out About You 4 I Hate The Homecoming Queen 5 You Are The Only One 6 What About Me Bonus: 7 One Of Those Days 8 UnAddicted

Does joe joanas like Emily osment?

No he does not right now he is dating the girl that was in the love bug music video. Even though he just broke up with Taylor Swift resently.Poor Taylor.

Emiley osment how old are you?

She is 16 right now

Is Miley Cyrus still friends with Emily osment?

I hope they are are friends but i youst to love her when she was hannah montana (which im watching right now) but now shes a big J-e-r-k JERK!!! but the movie so undrer cover so funny even know im 8 years old! but if she was reading this right now i hope she is reading SHES BEING STUPID A FATTY AND NOT GOOD FOR LITTLE GIRLS ANYMORE SHE SUCKS But i lke Emily Osment!!! but miley is so stupid!!