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Who knows? The best person to ask that is Vince McMahon. Anyone who tells you yes or no is only speculating. yes at summerslam : vs John Cena No. Batista is the champ, and he got drafted to smackdown. HBK is still on Raw! This is a hard question to answer. HBK has not been in any major feuds lately except with Angle/Hulk Hogan in which he lost to at Summerslam 2005. If HBK does go for the world title again it will be done the road some ways since they are building up right now a Cena/Angle. If Angle wins then the best person to go against him would be HBK seeing that they had quite a feud earlier this year. Only time will tell though.... Mr. Hounderz ANSWER:he really is a good wrestle and l just hope he does noone knows it is kind of a hard question to answer

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Q: Will HBK ever win the world title again?
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Will hbk ever wretle again?

Not after wrestlemania 27.

Will hbk every win wwe or world heavyweight title again?

It is not likely he will win the World Heayweight Title but he may win the WWE Title Sometime in the Future. Whenever those wwe officials and writers straighten themselves out and make him a babyface again it is quite possible. I'd give it a seven out of ten chance.Answerprobably not because on Shawn michaels DVD from the vault he says he isn't botherd if he never wins it again AnswerOf course. He is the legend. I think he'll surely win.You should have written"Will HBK ever win WWE or World Heavyweight Title again?"

Is hbk coming back ever again to WWE?


How many times has hbk been world heavyweight title?

He is a 1 Time World Heavyweight Champion

Who will face sheamus at WrestleMania?

hbk he will end streak he has done so much for tho wwe he deserves glory again he never won the undisputed championship on the other hand undertaker did hbk needs to end the streak besides hbk hasn't won a world tittle in 8 long years remember all good things must come to a end it is time for hbk to see glory once again March 2010 Sorry but HBK is facing Undertaker again at Maina and HBK doesn't care about a title reign at this point in his career. Sheamus will be facing HHH and neither of them are the champ.

When is HBK coming back?

I dont think HBK is ever coming back

Hbk is best ever?

yes of course he is the best ever

When will HBK wrestle again?

he is wrestling right now

Has hbk ever won the royal rumble?


Will we ever see HBK in the WWE or in TNA?


Will hbk be the world heavyweight champion again?

YES but after wrestlemania 25 iN SUMMER SLAM 2009 there will be another dx then hbk says there cant be another dx so the new dx beats up triple h the hbk gets mad and challenges the new dx for the world heavyweight championship! then he wins but loses it in wrestlemania 26!

Who won in the 3 stages of hell hbk v hhh?

Triple H won this match resulting in HBK losing his WWE title after only a month.

Is hbk going to tna?

No. HBK won't be wrestling again. He wanted to retire after WM26 so he lost his career vs streak match.

Is the intercontinental title on the line at judgment day 2008?

No Chris Jericho Will Be Facing HBK

Who is best wrestlers in the world?

hhh and hbk

Who is most popular in world?

The originals, HBK & The Undertaker

Who won the first ever Hell in a Cell match?

shawn michaels (hbk)

How many times has hbk won the WWE world heavy weight champion?

Just 1 time and it was from the first ever Elimination Chamber match at W. W. E. Survivor Series 2002 he won it from. He won that title from his currently best friend Triple H.

Can someone tell what happened in WWE from Summerslam 2009 until Summerslam 2010?

hbk retired, swagger lost the world title to mysterio and then to Kane and a lot of other stuff

Who was better rockers hbk or dx hbk?


Will hbk be wwe champion again?

I dont think so sense he left wwe

Can hbk join WWE again?

No the heartbreak kid Shawn Micheal's has officially retired:(

Why did Shawn micheals put his career on the line at WrestleMania 26?

because shawn micheals wanted a shot at redemption against the undertaker because he lost at wrestlemania 25, undertaker never accepted hbk challenge at wrestlemania 26 so hbk cost undertaker the world title at elimination chamber 2010, so the undertaker said he would accept if hbk put his career on the line

Who fights for at suvivor series 2009 for WWE title?

John Cena vs Triple H vs HBK for the WWE title at Survivor Seires 2009.

Shawn Michaels vs undertaker WrestleMania?

Well, the undertaker has won hbk and his streak isn't going to end, hbk will retire and probably sign up later and wrestle again