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Yes with so mods the rear wheel will work but the front wont, go to and do a search for foots mod

2008-01-21 02:47:05
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Q: Will Honda vtx 1800 rims fit on a vtx 1300?
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do 16" honda rims fit on subaru with 16" rims

Will a Honda vtx 1800 fit a 06 Honda Sabre 1100 frame?

Will a Honda vtx 1800 rim fit a 06 Honda sabre 1100

Do Honda Prelude rims fit all Honda models?

No not all

Will a mistubishi rims fit on a Honda?

Yes the rims will fit but only on Civics and Crx's and cars that have a 4x100 bolt pattern....

Did fordtauros 15 in rims can fit Honda accord 1998 v6?

No, they will not fit.

Will Toyota corella rims fit on Honda civic?


Would VTX 1300 motorcycle pipes fit on a Honda shadow spirit 1100?

will 750 shadow pipes fit 1300 vtx

What size rims can you fit on a 2008 Honda Fit Sport?

Go to and you will find the answer there...

Can 20 inch rims fit on a 2002 Honda Accord?

why would you spend more on rims then the car

Will rims from a Honda LXi fit on a Honda Accord DX?

Yes! They are the same lug pattern.

Will a Honda prelude 96 rims fit on Honda civic ex 96?

No, different bolt pattern.

Will uniroyal p19565r15 tires on a 2003 Honda accord fit 16x6 inch factory Honda rims?

No, you can not put 15 inch tires on 16 inch rims.

Will 95 escort rims fit on a 94 Honda civic?

yes they should

What rim is interchangable with Hyundai?

Honda rims

Can 1992 Honda Accord Rims fit 2000 Honda Accord?

If it is the same type of car than yes

Coulds 18 inch rims fit on a 89 Honda Accord?

Yes 18 inch rims will fit on a 1989 Honda Accord. However it is recommended to only increase the rim size by 2 size of the manufacturer's specifications.

Does 2007 Honda Fit rims 15 be put on 2001 Civic lx?


Can 20 inch rims fit on a 2003 Honda Accord EX?

On the roof maybe.

Can a 20 inch rims fit a 1989 Honda civic?

you have answered allot of my questions

Will Honda vtx 1800 gas tank fit on a Honda 1100 ace?

It will not fit directly. You would have to modify it or the bake to make it work.

Do 17 inch rims fit on a 87 Honda prelude Si?

Yes they will, I have 17inch advanti rims on mine. I believe they have to be multi stud pattern ones tho so they fit.

Will stock aluminum-mag rims from a 2001 neon fit on a 98 neon?

Yes the rims will fit. Any 5x100 wheel will fit. Now there were 4x100 bolt 1995 neons also, Honda and vw, Toyota rims will all fit those. Just watch out for the setback.

Would 20 rims fit on a Honda Fit?

I have 16" rim on my Honda fit and im getting some rubbing under the fenders(slight) so i would have to say no UNLESS you modify your fenders

Will 1989 Honda Prelude rims fit a 1989 Nissan 240sx?

The 1989 Honda Prelude had 4x100mm offset. The 1989 Nissan 240sx has a 4x114.3mm, it will not fit.

Will Honda s2000 rims fit on your 91 mr2?

yes they will because i just bought some!