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Will JBL's cabinet ever break up?

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Yes, of course. All stables break up sooner or later. Yep, I would not be suprises if it starts now, probably they will all start to lose whatever titles they have, people will start accidentally costing each other matches, and probably end up costing JBL a title shot, and then have a feud. most likely. remember on smackdown when the bashams said they were getting really sick of doing JBL's dirty work. which is good because hell never get the title back without his cabinet. he sucks. Orlando is said 2 loose his title and blame it on the bashams because they weren't doin their jobs propaly. The bashams will quit and one of them will go to raw yes they all ready did The Bashams are no longer with "The Cabinet". And JBL and Orlando are both title-less. Many believed that after they would lose their titles then the cabinet would break apart. And the way things are going with JBL treating Orlando the way he does is the same way Triple H treated Batista before he left. So don't be too suprised if "The Cabinet" breaks up in a short while. Mr. Hounderz

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