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Will Kurt angle come back to WWE?


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I honestly don't think so bc when he was in ecw he wasn't always in the spotlight and he didn't wrestle that much.He didn't get a title shot and didn't have a rivalry with anyone at that time so he left to tna which i personally regret but nontheless he was a great wrestler and i wish that he returns to wwe

probably not because he felt that he was not getting treated right part of the reason was him moving to ecw as you mentioned and he moved to tna which he had shown intrest in in a interview when he was in wwe

I think he is because after what happend On January 21, 2010 Angle got a rematch for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Styles but lost the match after referee Earl Hebner called for the bell in an incident similar to the Montreal screwjob, spitting in Hulk Hogan's face, and saying that he quits TNA and is going back to WWE.[109]


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i hope Kurt angle is coming back in wwe

in wwe vince McMahon but ever was Kurt angle and rick flair.(Kurt angle was called the man angle back then)

rumors are out and Kurt's contract expires in August and WWE stated that they expect a return from Kurt Angle in September 2009 He is never comin back why u think he at tna if he was comin back he would take a break then come back and do da angle lock on triple h

There are some rumours that when his TNA contract expires, he migth come back, he wants to end his Wrestling career in WWE. I sure hope so, I miss him in WWE. He was a very good entretainer.

No, Kurt Angle declined the offer to join the WWE. Kurt Angle is currently in Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA).

No he likes it better in TNA Wrestling!

Kurt Angle quit WWE because he had no time off and because of health reasons.

People say that Kurt angle might be coming back to WWE in December

no he is staying at tna and is in a rivalry with sting and co

i herd he was coming back in 2010 but i dont really know

no He has signed with the WWE and will do house shows with Shawn Michaels after Wrestlemania and they will reform the Rockers. Also, he is suspected to turn heel. no

he's making hes return at wrestlemania 26

Kurt left WWE because of his jump to TNA and a smaller schedule.

I don't think he will. He seemed to have left WWE on not-so-good terms. I've heard Kurt Angle & Booker T are trying to get him in TNA.

First you have to have online than type in tna impact download kurt angle aka import him into wwe 12.

Former WWE superstar Kurt Angle left WWE in 2006. And is currently wrestling in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

Kurt Angle was a four-time WWE Champion and a one-time World Heavyweight Champion.

Kurt Angle has done steroids unfortunately, and that's why he got released from his WWE contract.

John cena came to wwe when kurt angle said he would face anybody and john cena kame and he challenged kurt but kurt angle won the match

Kurt Angle a former wwe superstar is either 6 feet 1 or 6 feet

yes in the wwe Kurt angle defeated ric flair by submission

Kurt Angle has been in WWE since 1998 to 2006 he is now in TNA

Kurt Angle by William Gartmann

He left the WWE in 2006. He is currently with TNA Wrestling

yes he has already let him and brock is trying to decide if he wants to come mabee in 2007 [royal rumble]he will atack Kurt angle

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