Will Kurt angle come back to WWE?

I honestly don't think so bc when he was in ecw he wasn't always in the spotlight and he didn't wrestle that much.He didn't get a title shot and didn't have a rivalry with anyone at that time so he left to tna which i personally regret but nontheless he was a great wrestler and i wish that he returns to wwe

probably not because he felt that he was not getting treated right part of the reason was him moving to ecw as you mentioned and he moved to tna which he had shown intrest in in a interview when he was in wwe

I think he is because after what happend On January 21, 2010 Angle got a rematch for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Styles but lost the match after referee Earl Hebner called for the bell in an incident similar to the Montreal screwjob, spitting in Hulk Hogan's face, and saying that he quits TNA and is going back to WWE.[109]