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Q: Will Matt Smith marry dasiy Lowe?
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Is Matt Smith dating?

Matt Smith is dating Daisy Lowe.

Who does Matt Smith go out with?

Daisy Lowe

Who is daisy Lowe dating?

Matt Smith.

Who does daisy Lowe go out with?

Matt smith (Doctor Who)

Since when has Matt Smith been dating Daisy Lowe?


Has Matt Smith got a girlfriend?

Yes he has called Daisy Lowe :)

Does Matt Smith have a girlfriend now?

He's going out with Daisy Lowe.

Has Matt Smith got any kids?

No, he does not. But he does have a girlfriend called Daisy Lowe, who is a model.

Has Matt Smith break up with daisy law?

Her name is Daisy Lowe and yes they have.

How do you say Matt Lowe in Brazilian?

There is no equivalent name in Brazilian Portuguese for Matt Lowe.

Does Matt Smith have a cat?

No, he does not. Matt Smith has a dog. He has a Golden Retriever called Spinee. He also had another dog, a West Highland Terrier called Monty, when he was in a relationship with Daisy Lowe (she owned the dog).

When was W. Matt Lowe born?

W. Matt Lowe was born on 1872-01-01.

When did W. Matt Lowe die?

W. Matt Lowe died on 1955-03-04.

Does Matt Smith smoke?

No, Matt Smith is not a smoker.

Is Matt Smith Scotish?

Matt Smith is English.

Who shot Matt Smith?

No one shot Matt Smith -- Matt Smith has never been shot.

Who is the next Dr Who Matt Smith Matt lucus Matt alwright?

Matt Smith is the new Doctor.

Where does Matt Smith live?

Matt Smith lives in Northampton

Is Matt Smith straight?

yes Matt smith is straight! :)

Who is in Matt Smiths mum who is Matt Smith mum?

Julian Smith?

What is Matt Smith's MySpace address?

Matt Smith does not have a Myspace account.

Who plays hippo on ant farm?

Matt Lowe

Who is Matt smiths girl friend?

Daisy Lowe

Is Matt Smith getting married?

He is definitely not married, but he does have a girlfriend who goes by the name of Daisy Lowe. And, before you ask it, he has not planned on getting married at all yet.

When was Matt Smith born?

Matt Smith was born on October 28, 1982.