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Will Minecraft work on Windows 2000?


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Yes, as long as you have a recent version of Java installed.

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First off, what are you even doing with a Windows 2000 operating system? You should get Windows 7. Second, theoretically, it COULD work, but if you're using an original Windows 2000 computer, the graphics card isn't powerful enough. My advice: upgrade. Or wait 2 months for Windows 8.

No, you do not need Windows 7 to play Minecraft. Minecraft works on any Windows computer XP and up. Minecraft is also built to work on Mac OS X and Lunix.

Minecraft can be played on Windows PC, Apple Mac, Xperia and Xbox360.

Internet Explorer 7 will not work with Windows 2000 or any operating system before it. It works only with Windows XP and above.

Yes, if you have RAID drivers that will work under Windows 2000.

Yes. It works on any OS.

.bat files are Windows, so no.

Possibly, but not necessarily. Both Windows 98 and Windows 2000 support WDM (Windows Driver Model), but Windows 2000 is newer, and drivers written to a newer standard of WDM will not work on systems with older standards.

Virtual PC 2004 runs on Windows 2000 Professional. Later versions do not.

Yes, it would very likely work on Windows XP if it advertises compatibility with Windows 2000.

They announced it on Christmas (2012), so yes.

By pc I'm assuming you mean Windows. Minecraft works on definitively works on all versions of Windows including and after XP. Minecraft also works on Mac and Linux. Minecraft may work on other operating systems as long as they support Java, OpenGL, and has the capability of handling graphics.

Most will, but Windows 2000 did not focus as heavily on backwards-compatibility as Windows XP does, and a few games may work improperly or require Administrator privileges.

Yes, Minecraft works perfectly. Minecraft is programmed and runs on java, so that it can be played on a variety of platforms - including Mac, Windows, and Linux. If Minecraft doesn't work for you, you may have to update your version of Java.

yes star trek legacy works with windows 2000

Yes, I play Minecraft on my Windows 8.

Mods do work on Windows 8 laptops, you just most likely aren't installing them correctly

Yes. Mozilla Firefox up to the latest version is currently compatible with Windows 2000.

Answer = Yes.Frostwire is compatible with:Windows 2000Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows NT

If you have Windows XP, it should work fine. If you have Windows Vista, it should also work. If you have Windows 98 or ME, there is a good chance it will not work if it doesn't advertise such compatibility, because those were still popular home operating systems at the time of 2000's heyday.

I tried it once but it failed to copy some os files.You should try it ,it may work for you if not upgrade to windows 2000 first. After you upgrade to windows 2000 then you can probably upgrade to windows xp from 2000

yes, it will. it might be a little slow if you are using it though.

Yes, it should work fine under Win7.

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