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Yes hey! wait mints and soda dont explode they just do what the Vinegar and baking powder (or is it baking soda?) they'll just cause a big spill in you kitchen... :)

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How do you build a model geyser?

What you want to do is put mentos mints in a soda bottle and if it doesnt explode then shake it

Will baking soda and mints explode with soda?

i think yes because baking sooda is like mento and mint yes cause it has a spice flavor

Can an icebreaker mint make a coca cola explode?

Mints with sugar will cause the carbon dioxide in soda to be released all at once, causing the soda to foam in an extreme manner. But the soda does not explode. You may spray Coca Cola on the ceiling.

What can explode soda?

Dropping Mentos into soda will cause it to explode.

When could soda explode?

soda could explode at any time!!!

What makes soda explode?

Pressure build up makes soda explode.

What blows up when mixed?

Menthos mints inserted into a 2-liter soda pop (plastic) bottle will explode after the acid in the soda breaks down the mint: some people make rockets out of them! GET AN ADULT TO SUPERVISE FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION!

Why does a can of soda explode?

A can of soda can explode if the pressure becomes too great from shaking it or if it becomes frozen.

How can you make a soda explode?

Put mint mentos in a caffeine soda then it will explode. Hope that helps!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Why do fruit Mentos and soda explode?

They explode because of the baking soda and vinegar mixed in and when there together BOOM.

How do you make baking soda explode?

Baking soda and vinegar!

Why shouldn't you put a can of soda in the freezer?

The soda will pop or explode.

How long does it take for a can of soda to explode?

Under what conditions...heat? cold? shaking? Under normal conditions, a can of soda will not explode.

Will soda explode using salt?

No! But diet cola will explode with mento's.

Can a can of soda explode?

if you freeze the can all the pressure will build up and explode

What will explode in a fire?

not baking soda

Does Mentos explode in club soda?


What do vinegar and baking soda do?


What candy explode in soda?


How many Mentos do you need to make a soda bottle explode?

You Will Need About 5 Or 6 Mentos To Make The Bottle Of Soda Explode.

Do pop rocks pop faster in water or soda?

Soda and it is dangerous the soda could explode

Can you make a soda bottle explode wth baking soda and vinegar?

you could make soda explode but you can't make a soda bottle explode and by the way if you are going to do anything like that use diet pepsi cuz diet pepsi is crap in a bottle , a bottle that you can not explode! SO DONT TRY IT IN THE FIRST PLACE CUZ ITS JUST STUPID!

Do strong mints make cherry-ade explode?

Probably if you shake it enough:)

Soda pop explodes in hot sun?

It does not explode. The only reason why it might "explode" is because in the sun it would heat up and the particles would move faster causing the soda to "explode."

Do chickens explode when you give the soda to drink?


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