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Most likely. The volcano has continued to erupt regularly since its last massive explosion in 1883.

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A volcano can maybe erupt again.

its called dormant when it colud erupt again and extinct when it cant erupt again.

no it can never erupt again because it is extinct

Yes, it will erupt again, but there is no telling when.

No, a dormant volcano will not erupt again.

It is expected to erupt again in 2050

It is expected to erupt again in 2050

It depends some volcanoes erupt and then thousands of years past they will erupt again but some volcanoes erupt and will never erupt again and are dead volcanoes

A volcanic feature that should not erupt again is called extinct. One that is not expected to erupt is called dormant. A volcano that might erupt again is called active.

A volcano that is unlikely to erupt again, but may erupt someday in the future is called extinct.

A volcano with the current potential to erupt is an active volcano.One that has not erupted, and may not erupt again, is dormant.One that could not, or should not ever erupt again, is extinct.

As it is regarded as an extinct volcano, it is unlikely that it will erupt again.

Mount Pelee will not ever erupt again because the volcano is dead, there is nothing left in it for it to erupt.

They predict that it will erupt again in about 10 years or so

If it 'unlikely' to erupt again but it could, it's dormant.

Olympus Mons is extinct, so it will not erupt ever again

An extinct volcano is one that will never erupt again.

Yes Vesuvius is expected to erupt again The question is no so much if as when and how violently.

Yes, it can erupt again because it is an active stratovolcano.

I have no idea what is ther prediction is Krakatoa going to erupt again.

No one knows. They erupt when they are ready.

Active volcanoes erupt. Dormant volcanoes are quiet - but may erupt again some day. Extinct volcanoes have "closed up shop" for good, and will never erupt again.

Because all mountains will soon erupt, and mt. shasta did and it will erupt again

A volcano that is unlikely to erupt again is extinct.

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