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Will PS2 games work on your PC if your configuration is 1.90Ghz with 256mb ram with Mercury motherboard Intel processer with NVidia 128mb ram graphics card?

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September 13, 2011 6:05PM

Nope. It doesn't matter what your computer specs are. PS2 disks are made to work with the PS2's hardware, not your computer's. I have heard about a program that used to be used to run playstation games, but chances are those are just rumors for the same reason above. Most likely those rumors have something to do with emulators.


Yes it will with the right emulator and bios files. pcxs2 0.7 + bios files scph10000 japan, scph3004R eupore, or scph39001 usa. Also Rom1, Rom2, and Erom.bin.

Extract these from your ps2.


If I have PS2 i will not want to emulate a PS2 games on PC !?!?!?!?!

Bios is findable on internet :)


First of all if your computer can read all the files on the disk and you have the emulator and BIOS (BIOS is illegal to have unless you own a ps2) and GPU SPU yada yada. The thing is no computer out today is capable of running such a large program through such a small one so your fps will be horrible (about 1/2). Now with your CPU it will probably freeze on the opening cenima (no offense) which could result in your files being corrupted deleted etc. Im sorry to say this but if your going to run a ps2 game your gonna need a nasa supercomputer and the blood of a virgin


ya dog, it won't work... and if it did the playback would be like watching a slide show and the money it costs you to A)fix up your PC to make it work, or B)buy the software to do this would be fare more than just buying a ps2, they go for very cheap now anyways. >>MWK<<