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I had an unbloomed daffodil that was cut at the stem and was placed in a can of pepsi. The end of the stem became brown and the stem contracted about 50% about mid way down from the center. a day later the flower bloomed and seemed fine. I am far from a gardner, but my best guess would be that the plant contacted its cells to the point that it would only take in smaller molecules like h20. Kinda like reverse osmossis. Plants have evolvled longer than humans, so I am not at all suprised. As far as the nutrients it may have gotten from the pepsi, that is way above my head.

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โˆ™ 2009-03-27 18:48:58
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Q: Will Pepsi help make a plant grow if added to soil or water?
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Will a plant grow bigger watered by milk or pepsi?

A plant will grow bigger with milk because milk has nutrients and proteins to help the plant grow

How do you grow a hydroponic plant?

They are grown suspended in water, the water has the correct nutrients added to enable the plant to thrive.

Can a plant grow in water?

Yes a plant can grow in water! Yes a plant can grow in water! Yes a plant can grow in water!

Does a plant grow better with regular water?

yes, there is no certain chemicals added to the water.

What diet soda makes a plant grow fastest?


Why is nitrogenous plant not added in soil in which liguminous plants grow?

why is nitrogenous plant not added in soil in which liguminous plant grow

Will 7 up or Sprite help make a plant grow if added to soil or water?

== == No.

If you place a plant in coke or pepsi will it die?

most likely because coke and pepsi both have acids and that makes the plant grow slower and will eventullay start killing it. : ) thanks for the answer

What is better to give a plant water or vitiman water?

It is most likely for a plant to grow better in water than vitamin water, because vitamin water has added substances for people to drink not plants.

What materils do you need to grow a plant?

To grow a plant you need water,soil, and water

Can dirty water help grow a plant?

dirty water can help a plant grow but it sometimes depands on what plant

Will water help make a plant grow?

Yes, water will help make the plant grow because it moistens up the soil, which makes is grow. Your plant WILL NOT grow no matter what without water.

What othere plant grow in water?

many plant can grow in water like arunda donax/wate lily/money plant/ fern and many more

Will a plant grow bigger if watered with lemonade or water?

A plant will grow bigger if watered with water. Lemonade does not contain what a plant needs like water does.

Does a plant grow in water?

Aquatic plants grow in water.

Will a plant grow better in hot water of in cold water?

a plant will grow better in cold water because a plant is like a human being we refresh ourselves by drinking water usually cold water it is the exact same thing to a plant we give it water to grow

What makes a plant grow faster vinegar or water?

Water makes plant grow faster then vinegar

Do do a plant grow faster in the sun without water or do a plant grow faster in shade with water?

Depends upon type of plant .

What kind of plant grow in water?

water lillies, and bamoboo grow in water

How does a sunflower seed grow?

when added water add some beer which makes the plant suprisingly grow big, or coat it in cheese the calcium strenghs the stalk

How does water help a plant?

A plant needs water in order to grow.

Does a plant grow bigger if a plant is watered by milk or water?


Is it better to put regular water or rubbing alcohol water on a plant?

rubbing alcohol will not allow the plant to grow very well but, regular water will let the plant grow. So the plant with regular water will grow taller and faster then the plant with rubbing alcohol. After about 5 weeks then the plant will start to die.

Will a plant grow soaked in water?

A plant willcertainly not grow if you soak it in water. All living things need air. Any type of plant is a living thing. And it needs air too. So no, a plant will not grow if soaked it water

Why lotus plants cannot grow in desert?

A lotus plant cannot grow in desert because a lotus plant grow in water and in desert there is no water.

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