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Well, I sure hope so. But using my awesome investigative skills, My EDUCATED GUESS is this:

~Season 1 was run from January 08 to March 08 (3 months)

~6 month Hiatus (Break)

~Capu 2 was run from September 08 to Christmas Eve 08 (3 months)

~6 month Hiatus (Break)

~Season 3??? June 09 - September 09

But I've heard rumours that Gonzo (the studio that makes R+V) is in financial trouble, so they may cancel it or sell the license to another studio.

I mean, I only know a little bit of the Japanese language, and I haven't really seen anything regarding it online yet. (Searching R+V in Japanese)

I hope this could be of some help, again, this is just my guess, but I think I could be right. Let's hope I am because I love this anime. <3


Edit: It could be a one month break because at the end of manga Rosario Vampire capu2 22, the auther said that there would be a break on September 2009.

Edit: The Manga has resumed since chapter 23 and 24 were published recently. As for the Season 3 of the TV series it is doubtful. This newsbyte tells the story:

Gonzo over next 5 years will reduce stuff down to 30 and REDUCE its anime output from 8 to 4 shows. You can see for yourself on their website, Rosario Vampire isn't listed for the 2009 lineup. Since they are undergoing restructuring its up to their creditors to OK the sale of Rosario Vampire or any show to generate cash to keep the animation division afloat.

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Q: Will Rosario vampire capu3 appear in April?
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Can you get a glimpse of Rosario vampire capu3?

Rosario+vampire Capu3 Does not Exist.

Will Rosario vampire capu3 come out?

No. There will be No Capu3

Will rosario vampire capu3 ever be released?

it is said on wikipedia that funimation is bringing both seasons in north America sometime during the month of may June or July 2011 if the box sets are popular then there is a chance that season 3 will come out in 2012-2013

When will Rosario vampire capu3 come out?

... unfortunatley there hasn't been a final decision but i think they're leaning towards a yes so just be patient Go request it at Gonzo's Official Website. Tell them how much you loved season 1 and 2, then tell them how much you'd love to see a season 3 in the near future. (it is in Japanese, so you may need to translate the page, I know that google chrome does this)

Rosario vampire season 3?

There is in fact a great possibility of a Capu3 due to the recent uproar and popularity. Send them(Gonzo) a message and tell them how much you loved season 1+2, then tell them that you would love to see a season three in the near future is their official websites, contact us page. (You may need Google Chrome to translate the page for you, if you don't understand Japanese)Read more: Will_Rosario_vampire_capu3_come_out

will rosario vampire capu3 come out3?

Rosario+Vampire season 2 bombed in Japan. Hard. It did so poorly it almost put GONZO out of business. Because of poor sales, there are no plans at this time for a third season. That's not to say it's entirely impossible, but the way things are going it is incredibly unlikely. 3. Petitions don't work. They do absolutely nothing here in the States, and they sure as hell won't do anything in Japan. It doesn't matter if you get 10,000 signatures or not; the Japanese are first and foremost interested in selling to Japan, not North America. They make significantly more money from Japanese DVD/BD sales than from North American sales. If it's not popular in Japan, then they could care less about how well it does in the U.S. Face it kids, IT AIN'T HAPPENIN'. If you want to continue the story, go read the manga

Have they stopped the rosario vampire manga?

Rosario to Vampire was completed a few years back.. And then they came up with a Rosario to Vampire II, which is still ongoing and picks up where the ending of Rosario to Vampire left off...

How many episodes of rosario plus vampire are there?

Rosario + Vampire and Rosario + Vampire Capu2 has 26 episodes : 13 episodes in two series .

When will Rosario plus Vampire season 4 appear on YouTube?

After they write and air season 3.

What website is Rosario plus Vampire Season 3 on?

Rosario + Vampire does not have a third season.

Where can you watch Rosario to Vampire episode 8?

you can find it in subbed format here in divx as well and you can find all the rosario+vampire episodes -

Will Rosario plus vampire be English dubbed?

FUNimation has just recently acquired the license to Rosario + Vampire.

Will there be a season ii of Rosario Vampire in the book series?

There is it is actually called Rosario Vampire Season 2.

When was the manga Rosario and Vampire first made?

Rosario + Vampire's manga began on October 4th, 2004.

When does Rosario-Vampire 2 18 come out?

it should be coming out this month on between April 05-18

How many seasons of rosario vampire will there be?

Probably only 2.Rosario + VampireRosario + Vampire Capu2+ rosario vampire season 3 is said to be coming out on october 1st 2009

Will Rosario plus Vampire come to America?

Rosario + Vampire , the anime series , is due to be released sometime in 2011 . There are 14 volumes of Rosario + Vampire manga already out ~ see related link below .

Is there a rosario plus vampire game in English?

Rosario plus vampire has no English game in fact it has English in you tube

Will there be a third season of Rosario Vampire?

(01/2013) According to a web search there does not appear to be a televised Season Three but there is in the manga.

Who invented rosario vampire?

Rosario + Vampireis written and illustrated by its creator Akihisa Ikeda .

Will the rosario vampire game be in the US?

yes there should be a game for rosario + vampire on the PS3 coming out in the next couple of years

Will rosario plus vampire have a season 3 the anime?

No, there is currently no announcement about Rosario+vampire having a 3rd season as of yet.

Is there a sequel to Rosario plus Vampire CAPU2?

No there is no third season of Rosario+vampire they had more projects to deal with so the Rosario+Vampire season three died even though they could have went either way!

What year did Rosario vampire start and end?

Rosario+Vampire Started in 2008 and ended in the same year. but im not sure about the Manga

What chapter did Tsukune go home in Rosario Vampire?

rosario vampire 1 chapter 39 : promise of a reunion