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Will Rosario vampire capu3 appear in April?

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2011-09-13 18:06:16

Well, I sure hope so. But using my awesome investigative skills,


~Season 1 was run from January 08 to March 08 (3 months)

~6 month Hiatus (Break)

~Capu 2 was run from September 08 to Christmas Eve 08 (3


~6 month Hiatus (Break)

~Season 3??? June 09 - September 09

But I've heard rumours that Gonzo (the studio that makes R+V) is

in financial trouble, so they may cancel it or sell the license to

another studio.

I mean, I only know a little bit of the Japanese language, and I

haven't really seen anything regarding it online yet. (Searching

R+V in Japanese)

I hope this could be of some help, again, this is just my guess,

but I think I could be right. Let's hope I am because I love this

anime. <3


Edit: It could be a one month break because at the end of manga

Rosario Vampire capu2 22, the auther said that there would be a

break on September 2009.

Edit: The Manga has resumed since chapter 23 and 24 were

published recently. As for the Season 3 of the TV series it is

doubtful. This newsbyte tells the story:

Gonzo over next 5 years will reduce stuff down to 30 and REDUCE

its anime output from 8 to 4 shows. You can see for yourself on

their website, Rosario Vampire isn't listed for the 2009 lineup.

Since they are undergoing restructuring its up to their creditors

to OK the sale of Rosario Vampire or any show to generate cash to

keep the animation division afloat.

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