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yes it will I've tried it


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Keratin is quite impervious to coca cola.

Yes and it can also dissolve a metal nail after about 1 or 2 weeks.

Actually, yes it can. Well at least that is my Hypothesis.......... I will post when i have finished my science project!

The concentration of carbonic acid. Its what makes your mouth tingle. Also, it will eventually dissolve the nail.

A t bone steak will NOT dissolve in cola cola. the coca cola will separate into two different parts.

The acids in coke is the STUFF that makes the nail dissolve.

No, Coca-Cola will not dissolve hair!! How do i know this? Well, I actually just did my Science Fair Project to see if hair will dissolve in certain liquids and coca-cola was one of my liquids. the Coca-Cola only changed the color of the hair but it did not dissolve it. Bleach will dissolve it in a matter of hours!!

because of the acidity that is found in cola

coca cola can dissolve many things such as metal nails, bones, and teeth this is because of the ingredients

The Coca Cola is not acidic enough to dissolve any kind of meat.

If you dipped your nail in a can of fresh coke for like 80 years maybe it can dissolve... a bit...

Yes. Not only will Coca Cola rust a nail, over time it will totally dissolve it because of the acids contained within. Hooweestik. It will also rust galvenized nails although the process will take quite a bit longer. It will also rust aluminum nail although you wouldn't see the full process in one life-time.

Coca cola has citric acid

Yes they both can they both contain certan acids that rot away on teeth and those acids can also be found in vinegar. those acids can eat away at limestone!! can bubble with nail of coke?

yes. it took about 5 months to completely dissolve a used rusty 16 penny nail.My sons baby tooth completely dissolved in 14 months.Yes, the pH of acid in coke is 4.8, which can also dissolve a tooth. Also a nail can rust in a matter of a couple of weeks.

IT can dissolve a paper clip, but it cant dissolve meat or a nail.

Eventually, yes, but not overnight. See the Related Link.

no, coca cola will dissolve a small part of meat before it starts to seperate. if you wish to dissole red meat using coca cola, you must change the coca cola daily for five days aprox.

no it wont dissolve for my science project it only molded

You would make the cola unfit to drink

No, but it can clean coins! Leave a coin in a glass of coca cola over night and it will be squeaky clean! P.S. BUT IT CAN DISSOLVE TEETH! E.

In Mountain Dew it can, but not really in Coca Cola. Then again, I guess it depends on how much coke you use to try to dissolve it. Hope this helped!

You can put contents of a can of Coca Cola into a load of wash to remove oily residue.

It wont completely dissolve it but it will change the texture of the nail.

I dont know but im experimenting it

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