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Will Shawn micheals coming back to WWE?

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No he has too much respect for the Undertaker to come back.

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He is going to come back at the royal rumble 2014 and win it oops that was supposed to be a suprise.

He isn't he is retired and will not return to wrestle. He will be in Triple H's corner for Mania

He is not coming back anytime soon. He lost his streak vs career match with the undertaker in Wrestlemania 2010 and as a result retired from the WWE

probably there is a 70% chance that he will come back to wwe

no but he did with Shawn micheals that's one reason he won't come back to the wwe


if you mean Shawn Micheals then yes he will be in the game

if Shawn is best brave enough he wiil come back and make it 18-1

Shawn micheals is now injuered but no body knows when he will be back on raw in the wwe

(2010) um in 2011 Shawn Micheal might be a wwe hall of fame or maybe he might join tna wristling or he will just give up both and be just a normal person.

not as a wrestler but as a guest host for the raw in san antonio

no dx is not coming back because Shawn michells is retired from wwe

Shawn is not returning to wrestling!! He is happy being retired and spending time with family.

Master Of WweMichael Shawn Hickenbottom

I know Shawn Micheals is in his 40s.

Shawn Micheals in Febuary 2012.

Shawn micheals but he retired

Undertaker won the match and Shawn micheals is leaving the WWE forever :(

No, Shawn Michaels will not be returning to WWE. He retired on March 28, 2010.

Undertaker is returning it's not like torrie Wilson leaving and not comming back that was a huge loss to WWE!

No, he is really retired. He might ceom back for 1 last match at WM 27.

Shawn Micheals is returning but only for remembering our great wwe superstars so he will be visiting just wont stay for good. :(

undertaker is Shawn micheals probly edge yes

wwe he was vs Shawn micheals

If he wanted to he could, but he doesn't want to.

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